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High Quality, Hand Selected Flipper folding knives for fast opening.

For the best EDC flippers that open easily, one-handed or assisted, Knife Art carries high quality folding knives from Zero Tolerance, Benchmade Knives and LionSteel Knives. A flipper allows you to open a knife one-handed with a moments notice. Some of the flippers listed are full manual openers, while others are assisted openers. A key technology that allows flippers to work so well is a ball bearing pivot combined with a solid detent that holds the blade in the handle. One force overcomes the detent, the reduced friction and weight of the blade propel the blade open. The ZT 0770CF carbon fiber assisted is an American-made knife with a blade of Elmax steel and a stonewash finish. The flipper has a dual purpose to both open your knife and as a guard to your index finger.

The small ZT 0808 Rexford Design's blade is S35VN stainless steel, machined tough but resistant to corrosion. It opens swiftly thanks to Zero Tolerance's manual KVT ball-bearing system. The 0456 Flipper Sinkevich Design has a sleek, modern design by Dmitry Sinkevich. The blade is Carpenter CTS-204P stainless steel or particle steel, which contains large amounts of vanadium and chromium.

Each knife in our catalog is selected to high quality best-in-class, in the top 10% of all knives made.

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