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High-Quality Tactical Daggers for sale

Any knife boasting a straight or mostly straight fixed blade with dual effective cutting edges can be technically classified as a dagger. But historically, true daggers have a distinctive profile with a crossguard separating the blade and handle as well as a tapered, sharp point.

Tactical daggers are well-known combat and self defense tools and have a place in a survival or bug-out kit. The best daggers can be carried on a belt or a boot to have at the ready. A smaller dagger or knife with a double edge that can be worn discreetly can also serve as an effective means of self defense. Some of the top brands for a tactical dagger are Spartan Blades and Winkler Knives - both of which are American-made.

High-quality daggers must be able to hold a sharp edge for when they're needed. We have some of the toughest and most popular American made models for sale, with our full customer satisfaction guarantee.