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Damascus Knives – Damascus Steel Knives

Ancient swords crafted in the Middle East were made from Damascus steel, and the curved and flowing designs and patterns forged into the blade made them very distinctive. Modern knifemakers have found that the same material, which worked so well in the swords from centuries past, is still the basis for a really functional and aesthetically pleasing knife today. KnifeArt has a large inventory of Damascus knives from a long list of brand names and designers with a sterling reputation for quality and reliability. We carry knives in a number of lengths, blade sizes, blade types and finishes to give you the performance you need for tactical or everyday carry.

The line of Damascus knives for sale at KnifeArt includes tools from such brand names as William Henry, Chris Reeve, Darrel Ralph, LionSteel, Spartan Blades and more. For many knife users and knife collectors, the blade is the thing. But, while the sharpness and performance of the blade is vital to any knife, the material is the starting point to both. Damascus steel, named after the capital city of Syria, consists of multiple steel alloys forged and layered together into a single blade. This shatter-resistant blade can be honed to an unbelievably sharp edge that lasts. The layering technique also allows for gorgeous patterns such as curves, points and waves. The result is a knife that works hard in the field and looks like a work of art.

KnifeArt has an assortment of Damascus folding knives for sale with something for every aficionado. We stock doctor-style knives, carbon fiber Damascus knives, raindrop folding knives, spear point knives and many others. Some knives such as the Chris Reeve Large Sebenza 21 and Benchmade Gold Class Damascus Valet use this class style to add beauty to a modern utility tool. Some knives have gold plating, carved silver, black pearls, sapphires and other precious materials on the handle, further enhancing their beauty and almost making them like fine jewelry. Others such as the William Henry B09 Weston use exquisite Snakewood. If you truly want a one-of-a-kind piece, you can order one of our custom Damascus knives.

Most of these fine Damascus steel knives can be ordered from KnifeArt with free shipping, and many are limited edition collector's items that come with their own certificate and presentation box. A number of them are backed by a lifetime manufacturer's warranty and all come with our satisfaction guarantee. KnifeArt has been the place since 1998 to buy Damascus pocket knives and other high-end knives online. We have fair prices and industry-leading customer service to bring you ancient beauty in a modern functional form. Browse through our selection below or contact us if you have any special requests or items that you are searching for.

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