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Custom Knife Makers

For an all-star cast of renowned custom knifemakers that is virtually unmatched, knife enthusiasts come to KnifeArt to see what kind of uniquely crafted designs the likes of Chris Reeve, Duane Dwyer, Rick Hinderer and a cast of many other luminaries have come up with.

These elite knifemakers have spent so much painstaking time fine-tuning their designs that an unparalleled array of knives combining excellent artisanship with superb craft and great construction has been the ultimate result. KnifeArt features the work of legendary craftsmen like William Henry, Brian Tighe, Ken Onion and a star-studded roster of additional quality brands. Custom knifemaker brings their own set of special characteristics and expert categories to the table.  A lot of these knives are constructed from Damascus steel, and they all employ the best materials you can find.

Savvy knife collectors will thrill to the folding knives that run the gamut from high-end showpieces to ruggedly functional field knives. Brian Fellhoelter has established a prominent name for himself in the decade that he has been custom designing top-quality outdoor knives and garnering prestigious awards. Canadian knifemaker Kirby Lambert prides himself on creating new and innovative designs that seamlessly blend aesthetics with functionality. Hawaiian knifemaker Scot Matsuoka started making his own knives when he was just 9 years old, and as an adult he has continued the practice of continuously improving his workmanship and designs in an effort to achieve knives with perfect fit and finish. Mel Pardue started making knives more than a half-century ago and has been a member of the Knifemakers' Guilt since 1976. To see the exquisite work of these and many other big name custom knife designers, visit KnifeArt and see how brilliant innovation continues to revolutionize the field with cutting-edge ideas.