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EDC Knives

For the knife that can be carried every day, look for a compact and light weight folder that will perform a variety of tasks. High quality everyday carry knives are small enough for comfortable pocket carry ready when you need them.

Not so long ago, an every day carry knife was as important as a wallet with an ID, some money for parking and tolls, or a clean handkerchief in your front pocket. A good everyday carry knife gives you an advantage in all sorts of situations. Yes, folding knives have practical application in self-defense, but what a lot of inexperienced people might not consider is the sheer utility in how you can apply an every day carry knife. From something as mundane as opening letters to cutting a stray thread off your shirt, having a good, comfortable, lightweight knife on hand makes daily life easier. Depending on your lifestyle, a good folding knife can give you an edge when you need it. Pun intended.

Consider that promise you have been meaning to keep for the last several New Years resolutions: eating better. Rather than turning to a vending machine for a quick boost of energy, having a pocket knife on hand will give you better options for eating clean. Use your knife to peel and core an apple for a light, yet refreshing snack. Cut some summer sausage or slice some cheese for variety and flavor in an otherwise mundane lunch. You don't have to worry about plastic knives and forks that break, and depending on the type of knife you choose, you will never be without a bottle or can opener again.

With the inundation of social media and bombardment of electronic information ready at all times, sometimes it is hard to stop and be alone with one's thoughts or take the time to do something that a widget or app can't accomplish. Caring for a knife is a practical way to become more focused and apply mental as well as physical attentiveness into a task. Sharpening, oiling, cleaning, and general care of a knife demands you to slow down and become more mindful of what you are doing. It might seem like something out of a corny old movie, but there is a reason the old-timers used to whittle on pieces of wood. It was a method to allow the mind to relax and rather than go into a slack mode where little mental activity was taking place, such as watching television, or nowadays, staring into your phone to pass the time, keeping up with the Joneses on social media, the mind goes into an active, yet relaxed state where healthy brain activity is happening. Small, purposeful, yet meticulous tasks such as caring for an everyday carry knife can trigger these states of mind, which can lead to better creativity, mindfulness, and a more restful way to just sort of "space out" than binge watching TV shows or worrying if it looks like you are having enough fun to "friends" you have never met.

At the very least, an everyday carry knife can help you through all sorts of pinches. If your lifestyle is less sedentary, then the practical applications of an everyday carry knife become even more demanding. If you work outdoors in ranching, farming, forestry, or even more strenuous activities such as adventure sports and activities, an everyday carry knife will help you in anything from cutting twine to improvising jigs, to fixing tools out in the field where you might be miles away from a shop. Depending on the job, has an extensive selection of American made edc knives best suited for your everyday carry needs. From a premium edc folding knife such as the Chris Reeve small Sabenza with patented lockback mechanisms and zero play in lateral blade motion to nautical style knives designed for the punishment of enduring salt water environments and keeping a razor sharp edge.

Everyday carry isn't just cutting bait or skinning grizzly bears anymore than it is enjoying a Red Delicious at your desk with a couple chunks of gouda at your desk. The best edc knives give you the potential to overcome either challenge should the need arise. Whether it is cleaning connections on a corroded battery terminal or rewiring a trailer hitch, an everyday carry knife allows you to get yourself out of situations without having to call for help, so long as it is the tool for the job. Lucky for you, an everyday carry knife will usually get you through about 90% of what the world can throw at you without requiring a special tool for the job.

Don't let yourself be in a situation where someone says, "Does anybody have a knife?" Usually when that question is asked, having a knife on hand is almost always better than being the person who turns out their pockets and shrugs. An everyday carry knife lets you have the upper hand when it comes to getting things done. From something as minor as cutting the price tags off a new shirt to making strips of cloth for a splint if things really get intense. From the office to the trail, the fields or the kitchen, a good everyday carry knife lets you be the main character of your own story. When others are asking for help, you can be the one to answer the call and know that you won't be the one sputtering when someone says, "Does anyone have a knife?" Be the one who says, "Yes, of course!" The rest is easy after that.

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