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Brian Tighe - Brian Tighe Knives

Brian Tighe

Brian Tighe

"Brian Tighe knives have a distinctive look, flowing lines and impeccable craftsmanship."

Brian is a soft spoken craftsman formally trained as a tool and die maker who uses his skill and artistry to craft beautiful knives. The fit and finish of a Tighe knife is of the highest caliber. He admits that "attention to detail" is extremely important to him. He rebuilds each Brian Tighe knife several times until the lock-up and fit is exceptional.

The materials in each knife have been personally selected by Brian and he insists that, "I always pay a little extra and hand pick the premium materials (fossil mammoth ivory, pearl & damascus etc.) because it looks better and each knife is special."

It is interesting to note that Brian is a self-taught knifemaker. His desire to make knives started after the discovery of an old stag antler near his home in rural Canada. With this antler he made a filet knife; he has continued to amaze us with his design and artistry.