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Toor Knives for sale

Toor Knives

If you are shopping for high-quality, USA-made knives Toor Knives should be at the top of your list.

Are Toor Knives Good? Built from the ground up by Connor Toor, a veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps, Toor Knives started as a company that followed the rule of necessity requiring something built right to fill that niche. As someone with experience, training, and a mind that knew what was required of an effective tactical knife, Connor began tinkering with blade designs, metals, and focusing on what worked and what didn't. After all, a knife is a specialty tool that works best for the job it was designed for, not some cookie-cutter one-size-fits-all application.

Next-generation craftsmanship
Are Toor Knives for the money? Toor features that offer value: Based in San Diego, CA, Toor Knives has been making knives in the USA under the roof of one facility--light years ahead of its humble beginnings at Connor's backyard anvil and forge. Toor Knives utilizes Thermal Diffusion Technology to create incredibly strong steel.

The crystalline structure of the metal is engineered with a lattice design at the molecular level to give it uniform strength and durability. Oxygen-free thermal normalizing processes allow for precise control of the structure of the steel at an atomic level, giving you a blank without impurities or flaws that could weaken the blade.

Tempering and cryogenic processes harden the surface austenite to provide excellent hardening, which reduces marring, chipping, and of course corrosion, as well as a razor-sharp edge that holds up well under punishment. MicraCoat finishing bonds a corrosion-resistant surface to the steel of the blade at a molecular level. Talk about a quantum leap from hammering out knife blades on an anvil in the backyard. Toor knives utilize top competitive technological advantages in manufacturing that are blowing away the competition.

American Team
Toor Knives employs over 30 talented knife-makers, machinists, craftsmen, and engineers to put together an impressive assortment of knives that embody the sanctity of a marriage between form and function. Veteran-owned and operated (including Toor's brother--an Army Ranger), Toor Knives employs a large number of veterans, putting their skills and experience to the test with every blade produced.

Comprehensive Precision Tools
Whether you are looking for fixed blade tactical knives, self-defense, outdoors, folding Everyday Carry (EDC), or utility knives, Toor Knives has a knife to get the job done. Toor's catalog even has tactical tomahawks, locking folding knives, and skinning knives for hunting enthusiasts. These blades are designed for comfort, repetitive use, durability, and sustainability. The price point means that you won't be afraid to get out there and get them dirty, but they look nice enough to be displayed on a shelf with your favorite blades.

Sustainability Pioneer in Knifemaking
Anytime you work with metals, you are dealing with raw materials, chemicals, and processes that are hard on the environment, and waste materials that need to go somewhere. Toor Knives is bringing this to light by being the first knife company that mentions doing its part in environmental impact. Toor Knives is mindful of the coolants needed to make their knives as well as waste materials such as metal filings and scrap, and materials used to make the handles and sheaths. To offset the impact of manufacturing, Toor recycles what scrap they cannot use, uses more environmentally sound coolants and lubricants. They have even changed the way scrap materials are collected and separated from coolants to have 99.9% of their steel scrap available for recycling! The proceeds from recycling are then donated to wildlife and conservation groups. Even the wood for the knife handles is sourced from Forest Stewardship Council certified forests to ensure sustainable forestry practices.

Philosophy--"Under the Flag"
Connor's philosophy is simple. He has set out to create as many domestic jobs as he can without sacrificing quality and working as a team to produce quality knives in the process. His "Under the Flag" motto concentrates on being "People Oriented, Process Focused, and Product Driven." And yes, there is a flag in the machine shop everyone works under to emphasize this. It's not much of a diversion from the Semper Fidelis of his old job. The work ethic, attention to detail, and precision are done while keeping in mind all those who have served. By using the skills, teamwork, and collective know-how of his employees, Connor Toor has produced a quality assortment of knives and blades which are curated for the most discerning of knife enthusiasts. is proud to welcome Toor Knives to the collection.