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Boye KnivesDavid Boye began his knife making career in 1971, and shortly after that he authored the book "Step by Step Knife making: You Can Do It," which is now considered a classic in the knife making universe. Boye is widely regarded as a leader among modern custom knifemakers, and his sense of design and innovation as well as his craftsmanship have led to the production of knives that many consider true works of art. Boye's discovery of dendritic metallurgy helped change the way that traditional blades are made.

David Boye Knives are available at KnifeArt, an authorized dealer of Boye Knives. Because the dendritic steel in a Boye knife is resistant to corrosion from salt water, these non-magnetic knives are ideal for boaters and fishermen who sail and fish in fresh water or salt water. The BCFK Drop Point Blue Folding Knife has a 3-inch blade designed for cutting that is specially cast and then hand ground from the cobalt alloy. The result is an edge that you can maintain with relative ease.

The BCFK Sheepsfoot Blade Yellow Folding Knife has a Boye Dendritic Cobalt 3-inch blade and a Fiberglass reinforced nylon handle and a titanium marlinspike. The Cobalt Basic 3 Fixed Blade Knife sports a 4-inch cobalt blade and a handle with a utility cord wrap. The Basic 3 is resistant to rust and designed for cutting both with a simple cut and using a cutting board. Make an investment in your on-board safety and security when you're boating with a Boye Knife. The cobalt folding knives are lightweight, compact personal carry knives you can always keep with you. The sheepsfoot blade is primarily for emergencies and splicing. The Basic 3 is a larger, heavier duty, all-purpose knife with a blunt tip that merges safety and utility.

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