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Choosing a Chris Reeve Folding Knife - Some of the Best Folding Knives available


Since 1988, Chris Reeve knives have represented beautiful design, quality materials, and American craftsmanship. Reeve's line of folding knives offers something for everyone, from small pocket folders for everyday carry to rugged blades built for tactical and survival needs.

Small Sebenza 21

Originally introduced in 1987, the Sebenza line features rugged, durable knives that outperform similar sized folders. Sebenza means "work" in Zulu, the prominent language in Chris Reeve's native South Africa, and the Sebenza knives are built to work.

With its 2.94-inch blade, the small Sebenza 21 is a precise, exquisite knife for everyday carry and general use cutting applications. The blade is available in a drop point, tanto, or Insingo blade shape, with a variety of polished or Damascus steel options to suit your style. The small Sebenza 21's handle is a sturdy, sandblasted 6Al4V aluminum, with options for ornate wood inlays or graphics.

Every small Sebenza 21 is individually fitted to the closest tolerances, making every small Sebenza 21 a rugged, American-made knife built to withstand use for a while. The small Sebenza 21 offers left- or right-handed tip-up carry options, making the small Sebenza 21 perfect for anyone who needs a beautiful, lightweight, heavy-duty knife for simple and comfortable everyday carry.

Large Sebenza 21

The large Sebenza 21 expands on its smaller cousin's abilities. The 3.625-inch Crucible S35VN stainless steel, hollow grind blade (RC 59-60) retains an extremely sharp edge for a while, even after heavy duty utility and tactical uses. The large Sebenza 21 works hard with little maintenance. The blade is available with either a sleek drop point blade shape, or Reeve's exclusive modified Wharncliffe, the Insingo. The Insingo is a long, curved blade that sharpens like a razor and offers excellent edge retention capabilities.

A sturdy 6Al4V aluminum handle houses Reeve's Sebenza Integral Lock, a tougher mechanism than other traditional liner locks. With an overall weight of 4.7 ounces, the large Sebenza 21 provides enough weight to allow for a sturdy, solid grip during use, but the knife is light enough to allow for comfortable everyday carry for tactical or utility applications.

Small Inkosi

Sleek, slim, and lightweight, the small Inkosi ("chief" in Zulu) is the perfect knife for everyday carry and general cutting applications. With its 2.8-inch Crucible S35VN stainless steel blade, the small Inkosi boasts a Rockwell Hardness rating of 59-60. This blade sharpens easily and retains its sharpness well. The small Inkosi is available with a beautiful tumble-finish drop point blade shape, or Reeve's exclusive Insingo ("razor" in Zulu), a long, curving, modified Wharncliffe blade shape that holds a razor-sharp edge.

Sandblasted 6Al4V titanium handles with 303 stainless steel hardware and Chris Reeve's signature anodized blue titanium looks clean and sophisticated, making the small Inkosi ideal for urban or office carry settings. Available for either left- or right-handed, tip-up carry, this knife is great for right-handers and southpaws alike. With its lightweight of 3 ounces, the small Inkosi will look great and feel comfortable clipped to any shirt, coat, or pant pocket.

Large Inkosi

The big brother to the small Inkosi, the large Inkosi is a beast of an overbuilt folder. Built for heavy duty use in outdoor, utility, and tactical applications. The 3.6-inch Crucible S35VN stainless steel blade holds an RC rating of 59-60, providing a perfect balance between hardness and toughness. The large Inkosi will sharpen well and retain its edge, even after much heavy use. Available with either a sleek tumble-finish drop point blade shape or Reeve's Insingo blade, the large Inkosi is the perfect addition to your tactical or outdoors arsenal.

Built with a sandblasted 6Al4V titanium handle, the large Inkosi features durable 303 stainless steel hardware and Reeve's signature anodized blue titanium accents. With its weight of only 5 ounces and options for use in either the left or right hand, the large Inkosi provides a solid, sturdy grip without restricting comfort and flexibility in everyday carry. The large Inkosi is a full size, American-made folder built to last through heavy use, no matter where you take it.


The Umnumzaan family of Chris Reeve folding knives features a line of overbuilt folders perfect for heavy-duty use in any field. Chris Reeve took every detail into account when crafting the Umnumzaan, and every Umnumzaan boasts sturdy, overbuilt pivots, Reeve's iconic integral locking system, and aerospace-grade machined titanium handles.

Zulu for "boss," the Umnumzaan features a 3.675-inch Crucible S35VN stainless steel blade, available with either an artistic and elegant drop point shape or the exclusive Umnumzaan tanto shape to suit your individual needs and style. With an RC rating of 59-60, the Umnumzaan provides a perfect balance between hardness and toughness, offering a blade that will sharpen well and offer excellent edge retention.

With an overall weight of only 5 ounces, the Umnumzaan is truly a boss among knives. The Umnumzaan can be built for either left- or right-handed carry, making it the ideal knife for anyone with heavy-duty tactical or utility needs.


Chris Reeve's Mnandi (Zulu for "very nice") line features some of the most beautiful, finely-crafted American made knives ever built. The Mnandi line offers a multitude of options to perfectly fit your specific and personal style and needs, making the Mnandi both a highly-functional tool and a beautiful piece you'll be pleased to show off.

With its 2.75-inch drop point blade, every Mnandi is available crafted in either Crucible S35VN stainless steel or a variety of exquisite Damascus steel patterns. Every knife in the Mnandi line is offered with a choice of elegant and durable exotic hardwood inlays, such as Bog Oak, Thuya, Macassar Ebony, Box Elder, or Spalted Beech.

The Mnandi is a lightweight but durable knife designed to perfectly accent your personal style at taste, whether you're at the office, the bar, or the dinner table. You'll be proud to show off your Mnandi, in your pocket or alongside other beautiful knives in your collection. Weighing in at jut 1.5 ounces, the Mnandi is a lightweight but durable knife that looks and feels marvelous in a pant pocket or waistband, in a shirt pocket alongside pens, or even used as an elegant and sophisticated tie clip. Mnandi knives also ship with a protective, sleek leather slip case to allow for safer and more comfortable pocket carry.