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Chris Reeve Knives - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

By | October, 2019

Chris Reeve Knives have been the gold standard for upper-end Everyday Carry knives for over three decades. They possess some of the tightest standards in the industry, with tolerances that rival aeronautical engineering specifications for aircraft. But in spite of the reputation, you might still have questions. Hopefully, can put some of those questions to rest.

Are Chris Reeve knives worth the money? This is a subjective question, which relies on your own needs, budget, and what you are looking for in a knife. If you are a serious knife collector, outdoorsman, First Responder, tactical enthusiast, or someone who wants one of the best everyday carry knives out there, then the answer is

But if you tend to lose knives, car keys, watches, your wallet, etc. then you might want to invest in a glass case at home where your Chris Reeve knife will live.

Why are Chris Reeve knives so expensive? Because things that are high quality cost a little bit more. Proudly made in the USA using Crucible Steel's CPM S35VN stonewashed steel which was forged specifically for Chris Reeve Knives, with titanium handle components, ceramic bearings, and tolerances of less than a tenth of a ten-thousandth of an inch, you can immediately tell the difference between a Chris Reeve knife and a competitor. The attention to detail and engineering just a part of the cost, which shows in a 'measure twice and cut once' mindset that carries its way from beginning to end in the knife making process. With simple designs and a lack of really any incriminating logos or branding, you certainly aren't paying for an image. These knives have been winning awards since the 1980s for a reason, worldwide!

What happened to Chris Reeve? Who owns Chris Reeve knives? Chris Reeve retired after thirty years in the business and now the company is run by Anne and his son, Tim Reeve. CRK is still a family business and still operates in the USA, providing jobs for Americans in a quality industry. The quality remains high and is a hallmark of CRK.

Where are Chris Reeve Knives made? Boise, Idaho in the USA - just like they have been for over 30 years.

Where can I buy Chris Reeve knives? Online at for immediate shipment. You can buy direct from Chris Reeve Knives as well, but expect wait times of 6 months or more. Chris Reeve Knives also appears regularly at tradeshows, where stands and special edition knives are often available.

How should I sharpen Chris Reeve Knives. Using a high-quality sharpening stone or sharpening system. The CPM S35VN steel from Crucible will hold an edge for a long time if you are familiar with good sharpening techniques, or simply send the knife to Chris Reeve Knives and they will sharpen it for free! The high vanadium and niobium content of the steel is extremely hard and tough, which can prove to be problematic unless your sharpener utilizes ceramic or diamond abrasives.

How does CRK compare to Benchmade? Benchmade are great knives...but they aren't Chris Reeve Knives. Chris Reeve folders range from $375-800 each, while Benchmade knives are in the $100-200 range. There are significant differences in manufacturing tolerances, workmanship, and materials used between the two.

How do Chris Reeve knives compare to Spyderco? Spyderco makes a good, reliable knife, but again there are major differences between a Chris Reeve folder and a Spyderco. With many Spyderco knives being made overseas, again CRK folding knives are priced between $375-800 each and made in the USA to higher tolerances with superior materials and workmanship.

Are Chris Reeve knives in movies? Recently in the Tom Cruise movie, Collateral, Tom Cruise carries a Sebenza. In Mad Max: Fury Road, Tom Hardy's titular character is spotted with a Chris Reeve Pacific. And Ryan Reynolds carries a Chris Reeve Green Beret in Deadpool. As a prop knife, they are often too nice to be a set piece for a Hollywood movie in lots of cases. So you probably won't see them very often.

What is the best Chris Reeve knife? Best is very subjective, but the most popular is the small Sebenza 21 or Sebenza 31. 21s are not being made anymore, but the 31 is an improvement on a classic, due to the addition of the ceramic ball lock bar interface.

Are Chris Reeve knives overrated? Might as well ask yourself if the Godfather is overrated. Are the Beatles overrated? Are grass-fed tomahawk rib-eye steaks overrated? Is an 18-year scotch is overrated? To those who appreciate a finely made tool of the highest quality, the Chris Reeve Knife was made for you.

Chris Reeve knives awards? There's a lot of awards.

  • The Blade Magazine Cutlery Hall of Fame Award in 2015.
  • Blade Show Winner of Manufacturing Quality Award: 2000, 2001, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2019. (The most quality awards of any knife company)
  • Blade Show American Made Knife of the Year, 2007, 2018
  • Blade Show Overall Knife of the Year, 2008, 2010
  • Blade Show Knife Collaboration of the Year, 2003
  • Blade Show Collector Knife of the Year, 2005
  • Field & Stream "Best of the Best" Pacific, 2008
  • Shotgun News Gun and Knife Show: Best Combat Knife 1988
  • Many, many more.

What knife do green berets use? Current graduates of the US Army Special Forces school are issued a Yarborough knife that is made by Chris Reeve Knives. It a specially marked and serial numbered edition of the CRK Green Beret. The Green Beret is an unserialized edition of the same build and materials and available for civilian purchase.

What is the Chris Reeve knives warranty? A lifetime of the original owner. Total coverage on workmanship or materials for the lifetime of the knife. What isn't covered is lost parts, cosmetic damage, normal wear and tear, neglect, abuse, modifications, or third-party shenanigans that don't meet with CRK specifications.

How do you get a Chris Reeve knives factory tour? If you are in Boise, ID, you can contact Chris Reeve Knives and set up a tour. Or you can check out the Chris Reeve Knives YouTube channel!

What is Chris Reeve knives spa treatment / how much? A complete overhaul, sharpening, and adjustment of your knife (extensive repairs and non-warranty services and repairs are extra). Fill out the online form! Price is determined based on the needs of repairs. Cleaning and sharpening are free except for shipping. Be sure to insure and track your shipment.

What is Chris Reeve knife quality? Constructed of Crucible Steel specifically for Chris Reeve Knives, aerospace-grade manufacturing, liners, and components that are repeatedly measured and cut to achieve 10/1000ths of an inch tolerance, titanium alloys, ceramic bearings, and a passion for improving on exceptional design, the quality is extremely high. Components are measured using the newest technology, and nothing unable to pass quality checks is allowed to bear the Chris Reeve name. Blades are also finished with stonewashed to ensure maximum corrosion resistance. Every blade is hand sharpened and tested to ensure the best product possible is leaving the workshop. So, considering all of this, the knife quality is high. Higher than most, in fact.

Are Chris Reeve knives discounted? Knives are not discounted, as all authorized dealers sell Chris Reeve Knives at the same price.

Where you can buy Chris reeve knife for sale near me? online is everywhere you are, so why not start here? We ship domestically and around the world!

What are Chris Reeve discontinued knife models? Sadly, the Sebenza 21 and earlier models of Sebenza are no longer being made. They have been replaced by the next generation Sebenza 31.

Other discontinued knives include:

  • Neil Roberts
  • Inyoni
  • Impofu
  • Ti-lock folder
  • Umfaan
  • Sebenza 25
  • Sebenza 21
  • Classic Sebenza - MM
  • Regular Sebenza
  • One piece integral fixed blade line - including the aviator, mountaineer, shadow, ubejane (skinner) and mark series

Does Chris Reeve make automatic knives? No, only manual folders and fixed blades.

What is Chris Reeve knife break-in? Over time, you will notice that your Chris Reeve knife will function smoother as the detent and washers get more use. It all depends on how often you are using your folding knife. Blades are razor sharp upon delivery and require no further sharpening out of the box until they are used often. Keep your knife properly lubricated, clean, and open the blade only part of the way to distribute lubricant throughout the moving parts and washers. Proper placement of your fingers and thumb will ensure mastery of the sliding and pushing motion best suited to CRK deployment. Taking your knife apart and familiarizing yourself with the pieces as well as cleaning and servicing them will also help you break in the knife. Temperature fluctuation can also affect how tight the knife is for opening and closing.

What is the Chris Reeve knife ceramic ball? This is a device that improves the lock longevity of your folding knife and simultaneously reducing the wear on the blade and the handle for longer wear and better deployment. Harder than the steel of the knife, which reduces wear on the relatively softer titanium handle lockface and the hardness of the steel blade tang.

What Chris Reeve models are rare? The Sebenza 21s are becoming increasingly rare, as are older models of Chris Reeve Knives. Generally, they are available only from collectors in a variety of standard and custom configurations. Some Sebenza 21s are still available at, but they are selling fast!

Each year CGG (Computer Generated Graphics) are produced in limited numbers. Mammoth and fossil inlays are also rare, as are many types of wood inlays that have also been discontinued shortly after their limited run. As with any collectors' edition, the smaller the run, the rarer the knife.