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EDC GEAR: Watches, Money Clip Wallets and More

Every Day Carry, or EDC isn't just a choice, it's a lifestyle. It's the frame of mind and the conscious effort to be ready for just about anything and everything that comes your way. It is taking the old slogan of "Be Prepared" and putting it into action. It isn't just tactical knives and a tense readiness, it's more about having the confidence to tackle any situation that comes your way.

Practicality, dual (if not multi-use) functionality and minimalism are key features of the EDC lifestyle. A frame of mind that anticipates a situation and overcomes it with a focused mind and direct action. It's also about looking cool while doing it. EDC gear encompasses form and function, with an emphasis on function, but without sacrificing aesthetics to get there. Which is why you can also buy cool sterling silver skull beads at to show you mean business!

Lion Steel and William Henry money clips embrace the minimalist look without getting rid of the style for a modern, no-nonsense approach to elegance. A perfect gift for the "Man who has everything," with a striking mix of titanium, Damascus steel, carbon fiber and polished wood, these money clips are an impressive addition to your Every Day Carry gear.

Practical, yet essential gadgets you can carry on your person at all times are a key feature of EDC. The key point being something you can find on your body at nearly any time, at a moments notice, Lenslight flashlights fit the bill with the LensLight Mini, and LensLight KO. With tactical applications such as self-defense, durability and strength of design and manufacture, these lights also provide bright light when and wherever you need it!

Swiss made Traser watches are watches that look tactical, function under rigorous conditions, and can light up the night with tritium illumination technology, which uses a harmless radioactive hydrogen isotope for night use that can glow for up to 20 years! You don't need to be a secret agent to wear a Traser, but it couldn't hurt! Selector from over half a dozen designs to suit your needs for everyday carry, whether it's for your next adventure exploring subterranean caves or winding your way through the mountains on a weekend motorcycle trip.

Versatility, functionality, and flat-out looking cool are all part of the EDC lifestyle. Because nobody needs to sacrifice form for function if they need to carry it everyday, right? Be capable, be strong, and be ready for anything the world throws at you because you can't schedule for when you might need something in your daytimer.