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Exclusive "Bulldog" Tactical Fighter -click image to enlarge

Exclusive Lightfoot "Bulldog" Tactical Fighter -SOLD OUT

ARTIST: Greg Lightfoot
BLADE MATERIAL: Stainless BG-42 Hand Satin Finished
HANDLE: Green & Black G-10
GUARD: Integral finger grooves
SHEATH: Heavy duty black kydex vertical belt carry sheath with adaptors for the Blade-Tech system
WEIGHT: 8 oz.
COMMENTS: This is our new exclusive with tactical blade master Greg Lightfoot. This "Bulldog" is a second generation fighter, following in the foot steps the "Pitbull". Since our "Pitbull" was such a huge success we expect this improved model to be even hotter. This handle features a double finger groove build for a multiple grip - up close or further out on the handle. Crusher pommel with lanyard for added security. Wicked double edge design, this clip is razor sharp ready to cut. Everything is right here and the BG-42 steel performs with the best. The exposed screws on the handle are an added touch. Limited to 35 numbered knives. We hope you love it as much as we do.

Pictured is a part of the "Lightfoot Home Security System".