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Large vs Small Sebenza 21 Compared [Article at]

By | 2017

The Sebenza 21 by Chris Reeve, is an extremely high-quality blade. Considered one of the standbys of knife aficionados, this model is reliable, reputable, and it comes in two different sizes. If you're trying to decide which knife is a better fit for you, it's important to look at the stats, your needs, and usage.

Large vs Small Sebenza 21?

The Large Sebenza 21 has a total length of 8.335", and a 3.625" blade length. In its standard configuration with titanium handles, it weighs roughly 4.7 ounces, which doesn't sound like much until you have it clipped to your pocket for most of the day. The small Sebenza 21, by contrast, has a total length of 6.875", and a blade length of 2.94". It weighs only 3 ounces, which is a noticeable difference for daily pocket carry. The difference is blade length and weight is significant.

Sebenza Primary Usage?

So which of the two blades is better choice? Well, that depends on you, and what you intend to be using the knife for.

The larger model will be a better fit for those with a large grip, especially if the smaller model is just too uncomfortable to use properly. We find individuals that are six foot plus tend to like and need larger knife handles - in this case the large sebenza. The large sebenza 21 can be worn in either a belt sheath or with a pocket clip. The large sebenza is a great choice for a field, hunting, camping knife - or primarily an outdoors situation. The large blade gives you more ability to take on bigger tasks. The large is a great choice to add to your field, bug-out or travel bag.

The Small Sebenza 21 is a great fit for individuals who spend most of their time in an office or for more urban carry. Additionally, the smaller blade length will raise less eyebrows in an office environment. The smaller size provides you with less pocket bulk and weight when carried everyday. Many first-time buyers go with a larger knife and later find that they prefer to carry a smaller knife for practical purposes. The small can take you from the office to a day-hike with ease.

A good rule of thumb is to compare the blade length of knives that you already give pocket time - and compare to the large and small.

Large vs Small Sebenza 21 Comparison (Image Courtesy of CRK)

Thoughts on weight -

The weight can be an issue because a few ounces can make a lot of difference when you're carrying a knife daily. Some consider the large sebenza to be too large or bulky in your pocket. If weight is a concern, if you're willing to spring for a carbon fiber body then you may be able to carry a large model that's significantly closer (3.7 oz) to the weight of the standard small 21 (3.0 oz), which will give you the best of both worlds - a larger blade with less weight.

Conclusion -

There is no one size fits all - we love them both and recommend them on a daily basis. Most Chris Reeve Knives enthusiasts have both sizes that they carry for different situations. Regardless of which size Sebenza 21 you invest in you'll have a knife whose reputation is known far and wide, and which will stand up to any task you throw it at.

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Large vs Small Sebenza in hand. (Image Courtesy of CRK)