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Fury Road - What is the Mad Max Knife?

Fury Road - What is the Mad Max Knife?

by Larry Connelley

The question many are asking is:

What is the knife carried by Max (by actor Tom Hardy) in the 2015 movie 'Mad Max: Fury Road'?

Our answer: Very possibly the Chris Reeve Knives Pacific knife model with the cord lanyard removed and a highly weathered and distressed sheath.

Can we be 100% sure, and the answer is no. We can not be 100% positive until we receive written verification from the production company or studio exactly what knife (or knives) were used.

In the photo at left, we have zoomed into a high resolution press photo from the movie to compare this knife with the actual handle on the Chris Reeve Pacific knife model. There are distinctive similarities in the two; the tang ridges (jimping), handle shape outline, bolt size along with three handle groves. All of these features point in the direction of the Pacific. That being said, a movie production requires a number of knives for filming (backups, stunt models, modified examples, etc) in their filming. A single photo verification alone does not provide definitive proof.

If you have worked on the production of Fury Road: Mad Max and have first hand knowledge of the knife (or knives) used on the movie please feel free to reach out to me directly via email to provide further 'on the record' information.

June 8, 2015