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Michael Andersson

Michael Andersson

Michael (Micke) Andersson was born in the Northern Sweden in 1959. He lives near the arctic circle with his family on a small farm he calls ’Forsnasvagen’. This farm is situated in a gentle rolling meadow and is bordered by a clear water stream with northern pike and Swedish bass.

His love of knives has been deep since childhood but developed significantly when he and his son took a knifemaking class lead by Roger Bergh. That learning experience developed into a long-term friendship and strong mentor/student relationship. He credits Bergh for his excellent advice and wide knowledge. Andersson's knives feature wonderful hand forged damascus and one-of-a-kind design. He especially enjoys making big knives in a style influenced by the American Bowie knife. His sole authored knives feature wonderful fossil mammoth ivory, hand stitched sheaths and exotic hard woods.

Andersson commented that, “I really love the heat from the forge a cold winter day, and it's always exiting to pick up the Damascus blades from the acid and look at the beautiful patterns.” His large and well equipped workshop is shared with his son, Andre. The workshop does double duty as both a forge and horse barn.

Michael’s background is in automobile body painting and he teaches this skill part-time a local university. In his spare time he also enjoys the American West, tatoos, Harley Davidson motorcycles, upland game hunting, riding his paint horses and fishing.

Michael is deeply blessed with a beautiful wife Carina, two sons Alex and Andre, one daughter Anna-Malin, skillful hands and an optimistic attitude.