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Microtech Knives - Microtech Knives For Sale

Microtech Knives

Microtech Knives

An upscale knife manufacturer founded in 1994 by Anthony Marfione, Microtech makes knives that are models of precision engineering with quality control specifications that are second to none when it comes to criteria like fit and finish. Microtech Knives are available at KnifeArt, but supplies are limited and with this brand in particular, it's a challenge to keep Microtech merchandise in stock.

High-grade metals and other materials are standard ingredients in the creation of each high-end Microtech knife, and many of them start out as custom versions before they later are issued as standard production tools. The Marfione Custom Mini Matrix Tactical Folding Knife is a new model in the Tony Marfione custom series with a 3-inch blade, a titanium-blasted and machined handle and torch flamed titanium spacers. The S35-VN stainless steel blade boasts deep hollow grounds that were hand ground by Marfione himself, a tri-tone finish and a Tritium blade insert in the exposed flipper. The lock bar features an inlaid hard stainless steel locking face and the pocket clip has been mounted for tip up carrying capability.

The Microtech S.B.O. SOCOM Bottle Opener in Toxic Green and Red is 5 inches long, weighs 2 ounces and is designed in the same style as the Socom Elite and Delta folding knives. The skeletonized opener includes a hex tool and gimping on the top and bottom. Get fast shipping on any Microtech product when you order from KnifeArt.

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