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Comparing Mini vs Full-size Griptilian | Article at KnifeArt


When comparing the mini and full-size Benchmade griptilan models the key difference is size and type of tasks that you anticipate taking on. For years, the griptilian model is the most popular model in the Benchmade line.

The smaller 'mini' griptilian is perfectly suited for everyday carry (EDC) and the full-size model is perfectly suited for field tasks and heavy utility work. The mini is a reduced size for easier more convenient carry while the full-size provides a larger blade and handle for heavier tasks.


Though seeming to differ mainly in size, the Benchmade Griptilian and the Mini Griptilian only have a few things in common:

  •  Same overall design.
  •  The handle is textured to resist slipping from your hand, while still being comfortable to hold
  •  Comfortable to use in either right or left hand with reversible pocket clip
  •  Designed by Mel Pardue
  •  Both come in a vareity of builds with variation that include: handle material, blade steel. blade coating and handle colors. Generally both sizes come in the same variation - so once you select the size you and select the type of blade steel and handle that you prefer. Size won't limit you to a certain build.
  •  American-made Knives by Benchmade with a lifetime warranty
  •  AXIS locking mechanism to allow knife to close using right or left hand with ease without skimping on locking security


The Benchmade Full-size Griptilian Features:

  • Blade Size: 3.45"
  • Total Size: 8.07"
  • Blade Thickness: .115"
  • Frame: Black Nortel or Machined Grey G10
  • Liners: Stainless Steel

This knife is made for heavy or field use with a longer and thicker blade. This full size knife is an excellent choice for use in the field where extended exposure to the elements and durably is important. The blade itself is shaped into a drop point, which allows for the larger tasks of carving, cutting and skinning to be easier.

The Benchmade Mini Griptilian

  • Blade Size: 2.91"
  • Blade Thickness: .10"
  • Total Size: 6.78"
  • Frame: Black Nortel or Machined Grey G-10 Handle Scales
  • Liners: Stainless Steel

This knife is the everyday carry version of the larger Griptilian. The Mini Griptilian from Benchmade is the ideal smaller version folding knife for everyday carry in pockets and gear bags. It's much smaller, and lighter weight, and lanyard hole in the handle allow this knife to be carried easily.

Field Use vs Everyday Use

Which blade you pick is largely going to be up to how you want to use it. Do you want something easy to carry and can serve many daily purposes? Pick the Mini. Do you go hunting or camping often, or have larger hands? Go with the full-sized Griptilian. Either way, you're going to get a knife you'll love and enjoy using.