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Don Greenaway

Don Greenaway

"Greenaway knives combine impeckable workmanship with a sophisticated and innovative design." -Larry Connelley

Don Greenaway specializes in liner lock folders and folders of all kinds. His knives use precision techniques and exotic materials such as titanium, fossilized mammoth ivory, and meteorite. Greenaway is also the best juggling knifemaker in the country.

Why make knives? "I enjoying making knives and carrying a knife that I made. I am driven to make knives."

What is important in a Greenaway knife? "How they cut. If they don't cut there is no sense in making a knife. If it doesn't chop a two-by-four and then shave hairs the knife is not worth making. I put each knife I make thru a cutting test before it is finished."

What is your knife making history? "I have been making knives since 1992."

Knife making as an art. "It is creative fun. I get lost in making knives and loose track of time. I will work a knife open and closed up to 100 times making sure it folds correctly."