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Rob Simonich

Rob SimonichRob is a native of Montana and started making knives in the early 1980's. "I have had a knife in my pocket or on my belt for about as long as I can remember and have always admired fine tools of any kind." he expressed.

Lately, his quest for a better knife has led him to Talonite as a blade material, "Similar in composition to Boye Dendritic Cobalt and Stellite, I have found it to be a great material for utility knives, and especially around corrosive enviroments."

He recently went full time to persue the quest of working with any good quality steel. According to Rob, "I like making very clean lined elegant utility knives, and also big Survival and Trail type knives."

Rob and is talonite knives have really caught on in the last 6 months - his wait time has increased to over one year. We are extremly pleased with his work and are proud to offer his knives here for immediate delivery. We are also working with him on an exclusive model - more to come..

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