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Rodney Connelley

Rodney Connelley

Welcome from Arkansas. Since's inception, I continue to work in the spotlight and behind the scenes to ensure that becomes and stays the premier source for fine knives. My brother and I constantly correspond with the most skilled knife makers worldwide to bring the broadest and highest quality selection of handcrafted knives at the best prices. has initiated a set of guarantees, since copied by many and duplicated by none. The difference is we say what we are going to do then do it. Every knife you see on our site is brand new from the maker. Be assured, if it is from, you are the original owner. puts a high value on our customers assessments and view them as opportunities to learn and improve our service. When a customer chooses to become a partner in their collection, we will take care of them to the best of our ability. We listen to a customers needs and then provide a solution.

I have special interests in boxing, mixed martial arts and the sport of hunting and fishing. Like my brother, Larry, I am proud to be an Eagle Scout and we pledge to you that we will try as hard as we can to bring honesty and integrity to every transaction that we undertake. I have a degree in communications from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. I personally enjoy communicating with the world about fine knives.

If you have any suggestions as to how we can build to become even more your first choice site for the selection of your fine knife collecting, using or gift giving, please feel free to phone or e-mail me. I am here to make it happen!

Thank you for visiting our website. We want you to rest assured that if you do purchase a knife from us it will be carefully packed and shipped as quickly as possible to meet your satisfaction. Your investment and trust is important to us.