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Comparing the Sebenza 21 vs. Umnumzaan - Article at KnifeArt

By | August 8, 2018

Chris Reeve Knives are known for innovative, high-quality, American Made knives. The Large Sebenza 21 and the Umnumzaan are legendary, award-winning, heavy-duty, frame locking folding knives with similar starting price points. While similar in size, the differences are worth noting. Generally speaking, the umnumzaan is a slightly larger, heavier knife with fewer options; the Large Sebenza 21 is a sleeker, trimmer knife with a wide variety of options.

The umnumzaan does come with enhanced engineering such as the ceramic lockbar interface, a larger pivot, as well as standard double thumb lugs for ambidexterous opening. The unumzaan only comes in two blade variations, drop point and tanto blade shapes. Both the Sebenza and Umnumzaan folding knives would make an excelent selection for someone looking to perform heavier, field-oriented tasks or someone with larger hands.


The blades are American Made stainless CPM S35VN hollow-ground at a 59-60 RC

The handles are blasted 6AI4V titanium (standard).

Lock-type both use the Reeve framelock

The Cost starts at $450, with additional upgrades available for the Sebenza.

Options such as right and left-handed orientation, as well as a drop point or tanto blade, for greater utility.

Blade Finish the base model sebenza and the unumzaan come with a scratch-hiding fine stonewashed finish

Lanyard both come standard with a black tied cord lanyard.

Maintenance is simplified. Knife-specific tools are provided in each box for dissassembly and cleaning or adjustment.



A variety of upgrade options such as a Damascus steel blade, wood or canvas inlays, computer generated graphics, colored or beaded lanyards, as well as double thumb lugs can be added to the knife.

Two sizes, large and small, are available. For comparison to the unumzaan, the large would be comparible size.

Single Thumb Lug the sebenza comes standard with a single-sided thumb lug standard.


Uses a ceramic ball interface, a variation of the Reeve Integral Lock, offering more blade strength as well as pivot and lock tolerances. The ceramic ball also helps secure the blade while in the closed position.

Lock Longevity the ceramic ball interface is less likely to wear and cause the lockbar to change lock-up position.

Blade thickness the blade stock is slighly larger.

Pivot Larger diameter pivot for increased torsianal strength

Dual Thumblugs comes standard. Larger and wider for easy access. Lugs also serve as a blade stop when the knife is opened

A glass-breaker has been incorporated into the blade tang of the knife that is only revealed when the knife is closed.

The no-slip machined grip is designed for positive traction and security during heavy cutting, with the blasted, cross-hatched titanium handle, and easy access wide lock-bar.



  • Overall length: 8.409"
  • Overall weight: 5 oz
  • Handle thickness: 0.1505"
  • Handle length: 4.77"
  • Blade thickness: 0.1400"
  • Blade length: 3.675"


  • Overall length: 8.335"
  • Overall weight: 4.7 oz
  • Handle thickness: 0.1505"
  • Handle length: 4.793"
  • Blade thickness: 0.1210"
  • Blade length: 3.625"

These American-made knives are made to last despite rough conditions and come with a lifetime warranty for the life of the original owner. Visit to order or for more information.