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Strider SNG Folding Knife Review - Build Configurations

Founded by former military men, Strider Knives are a leading, All-American tactical knife brand build to last and out-perform all others in any environment. Their line of SNG knives have many variations to fit your needs.

SNG Variations & Configurations

All blades measure to be 3.5 inches long, 4.75 inches long when compacted in the folder, and a total of 8.1 inches long when open. Blades are made with a variety of steels, including S30V, 154CM, S35-VN stainless steel grades, and high carbon tool steels to hold the edge and improve strength over time. Each knife has an average weight between 4.3 to 4.5 ounces.

SNG Handles

Strider SNG handles are built to last and for maximum toughness. Combining strength with light-weight durability, the handles are made out of titanium on the lock side and G-10 on the other, held together with oversized Torx screws for a tight, strong fit. The g-10 handle slab is fully 3d machined to include the spacer section in one complete piece, providing an exceedingly strong construction with full-length spacer for greater endurance over time and through various terrains and operations.

Handle styles also vary, with standard (also called lego) flat handle with natural G-10 texture, a gunner grip or GG (3d machined with handgun grip texture), or concealed carry aptly named the CC (contoured handle, smooth texture) styles as options.

Overall, the handles are built to provide a strong frame-lock with high grip quality for the average sized hand, gloved or not. Most handles have filed thumb rests/jimping and dual thumb studs on the handle for gripping with both left or right hands, plus an oval hole. In addition, most models have a lanyard hole or clip for maximizing your carrying abilities.

Four colors, black G10, ranger green, and coyote tan, paired with stone-washed or black cerakote finishes on the titanium clip sides. has an exclusive arctic grey g-10 handle option.

Blade Grinds

Strider SNG knives come with hollow, flat, 3/4 hollow and tanto grinds. Hollow ground SNG knives will give you the sharpness needed to cut through many materials like butter, while the flat grind models will give consistent cuts through materials in greater depth. The tanto grind also gives you a strong tip for penetration.

Blade Finishes

You'll find great diversity when it comes to blade finishes for your SNG: from their trademark tiger stripe finish to stone-washed, black oxide, cerakote or even bead blasted finishes, the finish options make each knife unique for the owner, every time.

Strider rotates from SNG knife configuration to configuration based upon their capacity, which may leave a specific configuration out of stock for long periods of time. Hunting for an unusual configuration can be a futile effort.

Overall, the variations of the Strider SNG allow for a versatile, powerful, everyday knife for carrying. Starting at just $400 and same-day shipping, with exceptional colors and finishes, you'll find a Strider SNG for all your tactical needs.

(prices subject to change)