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Spartan Blades Buyers Guide

Spartan Blades Product Guide & Reviews

Spartan Blades USA is unlike a lot of other knife companies. Curtis Iovito and Mark Carey, both co-founders and president and vice president (respectively), are the two visionaries behind Spartan Blades, and together they possess over 40 years of experience with the US Military. These two gentlemen and their combined military experiences have yielded a line of knives that is designed to be the best tactical fixed blades anywhere because they know what servicemen need. "Knives with Intent" is the company slogan and their knives are definitely all-business tools that were borne out of real world military experiences. Using premium knifemaking materials like CPM-S35VN steel canvas micarta handles, these knives are built to withstand the harsh treatment that military equipment must withstand. Let's take a look at some of their designs.

The Spartan Knives Enyo is one of the smaller Spartan Blades designs. Yes, it's a neck knife/hide-out type knife but don't let its size fool you. It's a tool that is easily carried and readily available for any task in which you ask of it. Great ergonomics paired with a useful blade shape - over 2 inches in length - make this one an immediate winner for those looking for a great daily carry fixed blade. Hot on the heels of the Enyo is the Phobos, the sibling to the Enyo. The Enyo is a clip point blade and the Phobos is a more simple, sheepsfoot blade design. Its straight line cutting edge make it great for slitting, slicing, as well as remaining easy to keep sharp due to the straight edge. Both the Enyo and Phobos come with sturdy Kydex sheaths and are easy to carry as a neck knife, IWB, or paracord carry. Both knives represent a high degree of utility with the ease of carry. Either knife would make a suitable companion for daily life.

Moving up the scale to something larger is the Horkos. It is a combat utility fixed blade, moving up a few notches from the Enyo and Phobos models. Its design was commissioned by the Combat Weapons Team at the United States Military Academy in West Point, NY. In terms of size, at about 11 inches overall, the Horkos is a formidable cutting tool which has a checkered canvas micarta handle for sure grip even in wet or slippery conditions, with or without gloves. A choice of green, black, or tan canvas micarta is currently available to the consumer. This one is probably the 'do-it-all' of the Spartan line in terms of size and blade shape. This knife's abilities span a wide range of tasks at the campground or in the theater of war.

Moving into the specialized territory, the CQB (Close Quarters Battle) Tool is a slender, easily concealable fixed blade dagger that is designed to excel at close quarters defense as the name suggests. This knife's design concept originated from Greg Thompson, a famous close quarters fighting techniques instructor. The large finger ring in the handle permits the use to effectively unsheathe the knife with a sure grip in stressful situations. And the CQB Tool can be locked in the user's grip by passing the index finger completely through the hole and closing the hand. At this point the knife is impossible to drop or succumb to having one's weapon taken away by an assailant. The CQB Tool was designed to aid as a highly effective back-up weapon to a firearm. Its slender blade penetrates the toughest of materials with ease. Two choices of blade finishes are available black and tan, along with corresponding matching sheaths of the same color. The sheath can be worn in a multitude of locations on the user's body, making this knife comfortable to carry and its flat profile lends to a very discreet, non-print carry under clothing. Urban adventure or modern warfare, the CQB Tool is a companion you want to have with you at all times. A dull, blunt tip T6-6061 aluminum trainer version of the CQB Tool is also available from Spartan Blades. This mock up simulates the heft and weight of the live bladed CQB Tool for realistic training purposes without the real injuries or blood. It is highly recommended to purchase the trainer if you purchase the CQB Tool for self defense.

In addition to all the great in-house designed fixed blades they offer, Iovito and Carey have been known to pull some surprises along the way, such as their collaboration with noted tactical fixed blade knifemaker Bill Harsey. So far this dynamic duo has yielded two limited production models, both featuring hand ground blades by Bill himself. The Harsey Model 1 fighter and the Harsey Hunter feature a genuine Harsey designed fixed blade that is hand ground and the handles are CNC'd by Spartan. The best part is, if you are lucky enough to score one of these, you are able to get a semi-custom blade that Harsey hand ground for a fraction of the cost of a genuine Harsey custom knife. That is IF you can find one!

Whatever your requirements are for a rugged, tactical fixed blade, no doubt that Spartan Blades USA has you covered. From small to big, they offer a diverse line of fixed blades that are sure to please even the most discerning knife consumer, civilian or military. Each knife is made with pride in Spartan Blades' Aberdeen, NC facility. 100 percent, made in USA product. Don't wait, place your order for one today!