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Strider Knives for Sale - Folding & Fixed Blade Knives & Maker of the SNG & SMF Knife Models

Strider Knives

Strider Knives - Maker of the SNG & SMF knife models.

Any knife enthusiast, military member or law enforcement personnel who is in the market for custom-edged weapons and tools made with top-caliber materials and designed to stand up to the most rigorous tests should take a close look at the selection of Strider Knives at KnifeArt. Special Ops personnel, hunters and divers are among the customers who rely on Strider Knives' field service tools. They exceed even the loftiest expectations and surpass the most demanding standards for a knife.

Based in San Marcos, California, Strider Knives was founded in 1997 by former military members Mick Strider and Duane Dwyer. After starting out with the goal of producing fixed blade field service knives that were of premium quality, yet affordable and easy to maintain, they have expanded into folding knives and custom-edged knives. Every Strider knife is designed to thrive in its work environment and meet the needs of everyone from enlisted marines to hunters.

Strider Tactical Knives

When you need something that can cut through anything on a moment's notice, Strider knives are the answer. The company knows that your life could depend on having a reliable knife at the ready, which is why they put maximum resources into all of their tactical edged tools. Razor-sharp Strider fixed blades are made of premium grade metals such as aircraft grade stainless steel and beefy PSF-27 carpenter steel. We have Strider knives for sale with full tang construction in satin, tiger stripe and black oxide finishes.

Strider folders were conceived with a singular purpose: make a folding knife that is just as strong as a fixed blade knife. The smallest folding knife in the Strider line, the Strider PT, has a 2.75-inch long blade and a 6.5-inch total size - but do not for one second think that makes this knife insubstantial. Quite to the contrary, the Strider PT's titanium frame-lock design with a half-and-half construction style and its premium S30V and S35-VN stainless steel blades are not to be messed with.

Strider SNG & Strider SMF Custom Knives

Two of the Strider knives for sale at KnifeArt that we think best exemplify their commitment to quality gear for average enlisted men are the SNG and the SMF. The Strider SNG for sale is designed for everyday carry and use. A Strider SNG tactical folder has a textured G-10 fiberglass laminate handle and a 3.5-inch blade with oversized pivot screws for a tight, secure fit. Its frame-lock is made out of G-10 on one side and titanium on the other for an unmatched combination of lightness, grip and firm lockup. The oversized pivot screws increase the strength in what is often the weakest area of a folding knife.

The Strider SMF knife is designed for opening with either one hand or two, and its 3.875-inch long blade has a 3-inch cutting surface with an RC hardness of 59-60. It will hold an edge for a virtual eternity. The Strider SMF is 5.6 ounces and 9 inches long when opened. The 6AL4V titanium handle has a removable pocket clip made from the same rugged material the top of the handle has thumb ramp notches to give the user additional grip. It comes in three different color choices: USMC coyote tan, black and Ranger green.

Strider Custom Heat Neck Knives

If you need the power of a fixed blade knife in a compact size, Strider neck knives have the right design and look. These custom knives sport a heat-flamed titanium chisel-grind blade that is extremely corrosion-resistant and looks incredible in a collector's display case. They are available as a 6-inch neck knife with a 3-inch blade and a 7.25-inch knife with either a 3.25-inch or 3.5-inch blade. The cord-wrapped handle comes in several colors and adds both grip and character. Each Strider neck knife comes with a custom Kydex sheath for protection.

Choose KnifeArt for Premium Knives

Strider Knives are made in America and renowned the world over for their toughness, function, durability and quality of construction. At KnifeArt, you can always find a Strider knife for sale that will get the job done when the heat is on. As part of a select group of authorized Strider knife dealers, we have access to all the latest products when they become available. Whichever Strider knife you choose, be assured that KnifeArt will provide top-flight customer service and fast shipping that is free on orders of more than $150. Strider has a lifetime material and workmanship warranty on all unaltered products.

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