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Strider PT

The Strider PT, the smallest folder of the Strider Knives family with a 2 3/4 inch long blade and 6 1/2 inch total size. The Strider PT maybe a small folder but it is built very robust and is the lightest and smallest to carry. The Strider PT is an excellent choice for everyday carry. If you are looking for a tough, reliable, frame lock, one hand opening and closing knife this Strider is for you. The Strider PT design is a stout, no nonsense titanium framelock design that incorporates a half-and-half construction style. The lock side is titanium; the non lock side is G-10. This hybrid construction style lets one have the best of both worlds. You have the firm lockup of a full frame lock with the light weight and grip quality of a G-10 handled folder. The handle incorporates a pronounced finger groove to help you index your grip, and it flare out towards the butt end to provide a good grip without any backward hand sliding. The blades are made of premium S30V and S35-VN which is proven to hold an edge for a very long time. Blade finishes vary, some Strider PT knives will have tiger striped finishes, black oxide, digicam, stone washed and others will have bead blasted finishes. If you look at how any of the Strider PT folders are put together, you can see they are engineered for extreme toughness and light weight. How can this be? The Strider PT pivot screws are over-sized for high strength in this critical area. Handles are screwed together using over-sized Torx screws for a very tight fit. Finally, the handle spacer is integral to the G-10 scale. It is not a separate piece but rather, machined out of the G-10, so the spacer is not a separate piece like with other folders.