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Tactile Turn Pens

Tactile Turn Pens

There are a lot of people out there who aren't happy with this. Some have decided to do something about sacrificing quality for cheap convenience. Will Hodges is one of these people, and his enterprise has brought the art of pen-making back to a micro-manufacturing industry, designing and producing quality, American-made pens from anodized aluminum, titanium, and other materials.

Starting with 70 year old lathe technology and less than 200 square ft. of shop floor space in Garland, TX, Will Hodges started off by making 1,000 pens. Since then, his workshop has blossomed into a 9,000 square ft. facility with skilled machinists, engineers, and local workers in Garland, TX, "making things that will last a lifetime." Each pen is milled on a DMG Mori NLX1500SY pen making lathe, the latest and greatest in pen milling technology.

The pens themselves are made from hand-machined components, with Tactile being the operative term as far as grip and handling. With machined ridges ringing each pen, the metals used can vary, and with two designs to choose from--the Glider and the Slider--the axiom of Keep It Simple is exemplified here. The pens are nearly seamless in their construction, threading together two main components. Unlike other pens of similar design, a rubber O-ring keeps enough pressure on the threads so that the pen doesn't accidentally unscrew. The integrated pocket clip is strong and durable, cut on a CNC laser mill, and you won't be looking for a lost pen that has escaped due to a broken clip with these. Great feel and performance

The Slider measures at 5.1" in length and takes Schmidt Easy Flow 9000 medium point refills.

Slightly longer at 5.6", the replacement cartridge for the Glider is the same as a Pilot G2, so you can find a new cartridge just about anywhere once the ink runs out.

Each model can be constructed from a variety of different metals, with its own unique properties and feel. From copper to titanium, brass to zirconium, depending on what you like, or your preferred "feel" there is a pen that will leave you speechless.

Since these pens feel great, are extremely durable, and have a nice heft to them to remind you they are always with you, there's a good chance you'll be running through a lot of cartridges just because these pens are so nice to use. The pen nibs extend and retract with a uniquely designed thumb stud, which moves the cartridge with ease, locking it into place either way, much like the bolt action on a rifle. Bold design for a bold pen

Comparable to much more expensive pens, the Tactile Turn pens feature a bold design, with a wide variety of colors and metals to choose from, there's almost no limit to matching your needs as far as aesthetics go. Tactile Turn pens can be made from any of the following:

Stainless steel Brass Copper Titanium DLC Coated Titanium Zirconium and Damascus Steel

Look no further

If you are looking for a great pen for either a unique gift or a way to match your tactical/EDC aesthetic, look no further than a Tactile Turn pen. Strong, durable, and unlike just about anything else you will see today, these pens are made in the USA and support a growing trend of quality, all-American made and serviced! Get yours today!