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Terrain 365

Terrain 365

In 2018 long time friends, Michael Vagnino and Patrick Ma teamed up and started what could be considered a revolution in knifemaking. Terrain 365 is the brainchild of these two men, and starting with the 2018 BLADE Show, they are taking the knife enthusiast world by storm.

Who are these guys?

  • Patrick Ma got his start in the Pennsylvania mountains and Adirondacks of New York. He cut his teeth on being an outdoorsman and later put that practical know-how into making outdoor gear, from curated knives to nylon pouches and blade sheaths. The application of an experienced metal fabricator didn't hurt either, and so his work with casting and foundry work became a wise investment in blade making and design.
  • Michael Vagnino is a Master Bladesmith, accredited by the American Bladesmith Society. From fixed to folding knives, Michael has a vast experience when it comes to understanding metallurgy and heat treatments in order to create quality blades. It isn't any wonder that he was intrigued with the properties of Dendritic steel and cobalt. As a lifetime student of his craft, learning an entirely new process in order to cast Dendritic cobalt components was only the beginning to creating some truly next generation knives.

What is Dendritic Cobalt?

Terravantium(TM) Dendritic Cobalt is a non-ferrous metallic alloy and one of its unique properties for a metal of its kind is that it is also non-magnetic. Hard carbine crystals are encased in a cobalt matrix. Cobalt is a softer metal, and in surrounding the stronger, harder carbide structures (similar to diamond and just as hard). Together these two form a substance that is the perfect combination for giving a blade strength as well as a cutting edge!

At a microscopic level, these carbide crystals within the cobalt matrix resemble the teeth on a saw blade, ready to dig and cut into whatever the job requires. In punishment tests, Dendritic Cobalt withstands insane amounts of punishment, cut after cut, and hardly showing any dulling of the cutting surface. Not only does Dendritic Cobalt lend itself well to creating an ideal blade edge, it never rusts (even in saltwater!) and has zero magnetic attraction which could throw off magnetism sensitive devices such as compasses.