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Tuff Writer Mini Click Flamed Titanium Pen

Tuff Writer Mini Click Flamed Titanium Pen
Tuff Writer Mini Click Flamed Titanium PenTuff Writer Mini Click Flamed Titanium PenTuff Writer Mini Click Flamed Titanium Pen
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QUANTITY: is proud to present the Tuff Writer Mini Click from Tuff Writer Pens. This flamed titanium tactical pen is essentially a smaller version of the Precision Press pen, with many of the same innovative features in a more compact design for carrying or for those with smaller hands. Titanium pens are especially popular among military, police officers and others who need a robust writing instrument that can also be a means of self-defense. Their sleek style makes them a fine choice for executives as well. Tuff Writer EDC pens are designed to be "the ultimate clicky pen", with each one manufactured in the U.S. and given the same attention to detail as other specialty tactical products.

The Tuff Writer Mini Click tactical pen has an all titanium body which is inherently lightweight, corrosion-resistant and waterproof. An extremely vibrant and colorful, almost radiant, look belies its rugged construction. An included Fisher Space Pen Pressurized SPR4 cartridge allows you to write boldly at any angle or orientation, and a 2-56 spacing screw can be adjusted to use other brands and ink cartridge models.

This tactical pen measures 5.13 inches in length and 0.44 inches in diameter for comfortable carry and weighs just 1.05 ounce for comfortable use. The external grooves and slightly upward tipped spring steel clip allow for a low slip grip that doesn't snag during deployment or holstering. Each component is built to last a lifetime, but a component does get scratched or cracked, the modular design means it can easily be replaced. A titanium clip is stone washed for durability and corrosion resistance helps keep the pen securely fastened and close at hand. The Mini Click has a stainless steel machined bearing cam mechanism design for silky smooth click operation. The pen body has removable contrasting black Duron O-rings which assist in maintaining a positive grip on the pen when you need it most.

With the Tuff Writer EDC Mini Click, users will have a pen made for the extreme conditions they encounter. Use it as a premium writing tool, a self-defense weapon, a PDA stylus or a glass breaker depending on your needs. KnifeArt guarantees your satisfaction with this tactical flamed titanium pen and offers fast shipping with timely expert service to get you up to full writing speed.

Maker: Tuff Writer Tactical Pens
Total Length: 5.13"
Pen Diameter: 0.44"
Body Material: 6061-T6 Aerospace Grade Titanium
Clip: titanium with Non-Reflective Stone Wash Finish
Weight: 1.05 oz.
Color: Flamed
Fittings: Stainless Steel Bolts and Chemical Welding
Cartridge: Fisher #SPR4, Parker Gel
Mechanism: Tuff Writer Stainless Steel Machined Bearing Cam
Case: Tuff Writer Protection Tube Pen Case

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