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American Tomahawk Company - Tactical Tomahawks for sale

American Tomahawk Company

If you are shopping for a high-quality tomahawk you are at the right place.

The American Tomahawk Company was founded in 1966 by World War II Marine Corps veteran Peter Lagana. At the time of its foundation, Lagana and his team supplied tomahawks to troops serving in the Vietnam War. That Vietnam tomahawk was called the (VTAC - LaGana Tactical Tomahawk) has been updated and re-introduced at the Model One. Their tomahawk has been issued a Military National Stock Number (NSN) 4210-01-518-7244 (Class code 9) and classified as part of the Class 9 rescue kit that is included on the US Army Stryker vehicle. Today, they operate as a no-nonsense, American-made supplier of modern adventure tools, made for the toughest and the strongest. Currently headquartered in Chattanooga, TN, there is no question that the American Tomahawk Company is as American as it gets. They pride themselves on their ability to forge the connection between modern manufacturing and timeliness design. The American Tomahawk Company is a strong part of the revival of manufacturing here in the US.

The guys from the American Tomahawk Company proudly make high-quality and affordable survival and breaching tools with applications across a range of possibilities from camping, backpacking, throwing, and emergency preparedness. Each of their tomahawks are made entirely in the USA and has specialized branding across the handle, made out of either Tennessee Hickory or super-tough Nylon 66. Owners, Ryan Johnson and Richard Carmack have expertise in tactical manufacturing since they are also the owners of RMJ Tactical, the sister company of American Tomahawk Company.

Built to last, every tomahawk that comes out of the American Tomahawk Company warehouse is reliable and balanced. The ax head on their classic Model 1 is drop forged 1060 carbon steel to ensure maximum strength and durability while it is powder-coated for rust prevention. From the handle to the head, each tomahawk is hand-assembled by hardworking Americans. This difference helps support American men and women and keep jobs at home. Additionally, you can feel confident that your tomahawk was assembled properly and safely to ensure that your next adventure is your best one.

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