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Andre DeVilliers

Andre DeVilliers

Andre DeVilliers builds a dependable knife of quality and beauty. I would highly recommend his knives to anyone.

Knifemaking history? "I started makeing knives when I was at school. I needed a hunting knife one day and decided to try and make one. Next, my father wanted one too,and so it went on.I am a totally self taught maker, and have made all types of knives from swords to folders."

What sets ADV knives apart from others? "Quality-Because I use knives a lot, it shows in my work, they are practical and perform, with a bit of grace and elegance."

Knifemaking as an Art? "Turning usable knives into stunning pieces of art is really rewarding, I enjoy dressing up my knives with filework and coloured titanium, gems, gold, ect. Adding a bit of history, such as mammoth ivory or meteorite ore, also creates another dimension."