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John Fitch, MS

John Fitch, MS

Arkansas Master Smith John Fitch makes an impressive traditional hand forged custom knife. He learned from the masters and continues to strive for the perfect knife. John takes a good knife seriously and expects it to perform. Big John always places high in the American Bladesmith Society cutting competitions with his knives.

Why make knives? "I make knives because I enjoy the art of hammering steel and seeing what I have accomplished and the sense of pride that the knife I make is dependable and tough."

What is important in a knife you make? "First the durability of the blade is very important. Everything else is a bell or whistle. The knife must be tough and good looking at the same time."

What is your knife making history? "Five years ago I was looking for a knife that could skin three deer and still be sharp- so I made my own."

Knifemaking as an Art? "Art is in the eye of the beholder, everything I do is an example of my artistic insight. Arkansas' history of knifemaking and the heritage of James Black influences my work. I am working to preserve the Arkansas art of making a knife."