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Andre Andersson

Andre Andersson

"In November 1999 I was introduced into the art of knife making by the well-known smith Roger Bergh. After that moment I found a new love; the art of knife making. Both my father and I began the hunt for knifemaking and forging equipment. With some luck and hard work, we found many old anvils, power hammers and other more or less the needed tools. We also built a hydraulic press and is an important part of our workshop.

In 2002, I decided to become a full time knife maker. Iím a young and not so experienced knife maker, but with a combination of artistry and craftsmanship I can make my way in life with my knives.

Before I started knife making, I was a dedicated to artstic drawing. Besides, freehand drawing I also enjoy computer graphic design.

For me knifemaking is an art and I see myself as much artist as a smith. Because of that, my knives are made to be a pleasure both for your hand and for your eyes." Andre is the son of knifemaker Michael Andersson.