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Greg Lightfoot

Greg Lightfoot


"Look across the field of custom knifemaking and you will see many constants. Steel. The top knifemakers stay abreast of the state-of-the-art metallurgy in order to build the most effective edged weapons possible. Handle material. The latest space age synthetics grace the handles of top dog knives and new ones are popping up all the time. Truth is, there are very little technological secrets in the art of knifemaking in our digital age.

So what really separates one knifemaker from the next? Plain and, The knifemaker's sense of design is his greatest weapon. It is his edge over the competition. It is the very extension of the maker shaped, ground and honed into a statement he can call his own... one that others may copy, but no one can take away. And while many things are imitated and passed along among knifemakers, there is no mistaking an extraordinary sense of design. One can't buy it. One can't even copy it, because somewhere along the line one's lack of it will bite one in the butt.

Canadian Greg Lightfoot is one of those knifemakers that carries around with him a natural Zen for design. There is no hit or miss to his knife designs from one to the next. Rather, there is a consistent flow throughout his work that is both instinctive and distinctive. His knife styles are diversified but there is a singularity about them from one model to the next. For lack of a better word for it, Lightfoot's designs ..well..."together".