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Bill Ruple

Bill Ruple is extremely pleased to present the custom knives of Bill Ruple. Ruple has been making award winning knives since 1988. He is best know for his outstanding multiblade slip joint folders - the traditional American pocket knife. Between making knives and going to shows, he also serves on the board of the Texas Knifemakers and Collectors Association.

Ruple knives are continuation of the traditional folding knife that every man in America once carried. He explained, "I prefer making slip joints, however I do make some locking folders by special request. My first love is reproducing some of the older patterns made by the early knife companies, but I do make more "modern" looking knives as well." The only difference in the time honored knives of the past and the his custom folders is the amazing workmanship and attentition-to-detail that is put into each knife.

Needless to say, a lot of time and effort goes into each knife. Ruple uses the finest knife steels so the knife will both look good and perform. He uses such steels as 440C, ATS-34, D2 and commercial damascus for blades. Ruple's file work is legendary - almost a trademark of his work. Ruple's knives normally carry the finest natural handle materials like jig bone, stag, pearls and fosisl mammoth ivory.

When you own and carry a Ruple you are continuing the fine tradition handmade American cutlery - and enjoying a functional work of art.