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Mick Strider Custom Knives

Mick Strider

Those who know knives know the name Mick Strider and are familiar with his MSC (Mick Strider Custom knives) amazing knives. We are glad to have a selection of these quality blades for you.

Mick began making knives in 1998 after his military career was shortened due to injury. He then looked about for what he wanted to pursue, and chose to apply his drive for excellence and knowledge of soldiers' needs to the field of crafting edged weapons for use by military and law enforcement personnel. He started a company making knives which became successful to the point that he said it "grew out of my control." He chose to leave that operation (Strider Knives, Inc.) and return to crafting knives that are all his own work. Mick Strider Custom knives, then, are completely his workmanship - he has no employees. His stated "goal is to build knives with the focus, intent, and integrity required to breathe fire into every Blade."

Mick Strider brings innovation to his knives, these features are what make MSCs valued - both by those who actively use them, and by those who collect weapons. All along Mick has determined to build knives all his own which incorporate features he knows to be useful for soldiers. Military use (as opposed to hunting) has been the inspiration for his designs, as is clear in the appearance of invincibility.

Some of Mick's innovations are now hallmarks of Strider knives. A few are not readily seen, such as thick titanium liners and heavy duty pivot screws to increase strength, and the inclusion of choils, allowing for accurate blade sharpening. Some of the innovations are clearly recognizeable, and even distinctive to this brand. MSCs were the first military knives with paracord grips secured in such a way to stand up to field conditions. Mick also introduced an unglossed sheath to blend unnoticed into the background, clearly superior in stealth situations. Many of his blades are first darkened in heat treatment and then are masked as part of the beadblasting process, which results in a signature striped blade. Lastly, MSCs are recognized for overall stoutness and sturdiness and strength, clearly a soldier's tool.

Mick Strider Custom knives are available with either fixed blade or folders, and in many styles. We would be glad to assist you in choosing which MSC is best for you.