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Chris Reeve Sebenza Folding Knives - Small & Large Models

The Chris Reeve Large and Small Sebenza are two of the most popular every day carry folders the knife industry has ever seen.

The small features a high-quality American Made stainless CPM S35VN steel blade with a 59-60 RC hardness. The blade length of the small sebenza is 2.94" and the blade features a hollow grind. The blade thickness of the small sebenza is robust and tough at .1195". Solid aerospace-grade titanium 6A14V is used on the Chris Reeve designed frame locking handle. Both the pocket clip and thumb lug are also constructed of 6A14V titanium. The pocket clip is easily removable. The handle also features an interchangeable lanyard. Currently the small sebenza is offered with three different blade shapes, drop point, insingo and tanto.

The Large Sebenza is a full-size folder that measures 8.335" when the knife is open. The large sebenza is an excellent choice for someone with larger hands or requires very heavy cutting ability. The large sebenza uses all of the same materials as the small sebenza, just on a larger scale. With a weight of 4.7 oz. for the plain large sebenza, it will also provide you with more weight in your hand. The blade length for the large sebenza is 3.625" which provides a lot more cutting edge than the small sebenza. The Chris Reeve Large Sebenza 21 is also offered three different blade shapes. Drop point, sebenza, and tanto. All blade shapes feature a hollow grind.