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Chris Reeve Inkosi Knives - CRK Inkosi Large & Small Models

The Chris Reeve Inkosi comes in two sizes; a small and a large. They are made with a variety of handles and blades, carbon fiber and wood inlays. The inkosi is made with a standard drop point blade and is also available in an insingo blade shape.

Small Inkosi - The Chris Reeve Small Inkosi folding knife is a great everyday carry folding knife for someone who like a smaller, more compact, gentleman's style pocket knife. The Small Inkosi blade length measures 2.75" with a total length when open of 6.5". High-quality, American-made CPM MagnaCut stainless steel is used for the blade. The small Inkosi blade has shallow hollow grinds for a razor-sharp edge. The Small Inkosi features dual titanium thumb lugs for easy opening with your right or left hand. The frame lock on the Small Inkosi features a ceramic ball interface to greatly add life to the lock contact as well as provide strength and reliability. Each Chris Reeve CRK Inkosi comes standard with a braided cord lanyard attached to a spacer.

Large Inkosi - The Chris Reeve Large Inkosi is a full-sized folding knife that is sized for heavier tasks and heavy-duty work. The Large is a solid choice for an outdoorsman, military, and even everyday carry aficionado. The larger blade comes in a 3.5" and can take on more tasks than the small edition. The Large Inkosi is a great choice for someone with large hands or needs enhanced cutting ability for work in field environments.