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The Top Three Ways to Tell if a Knife is Counterfeit


If you have ever asked yourself, "how can I tell if a knife is counterfeit?," we can help. There are a few tell-tale signs that are easy to identify when a knife you are purchasing from a well-known brand is actually a counterfeit product. A counterfeit is an inferior product that is distributed without the legal permission of the brand who owns the intellectual property rights to the product. Items that are counterfeit are typically made with cheaper materials from unapproved sources. While you will always find only genuine knives at, you may not be so fortunate when selecting knives from other sites.

The Price is Unbelievable

If the price of a knife from a reputable brand is much less than you remember it being in the past or than what it is listed as on our site, it is typically a sign that the knife is a counterfeit. While there is a chance that the vendor is unaware of the true value of the knife, we suggest you don't take this chance. If you purchase a knife that is suspiciously inexpensive, you will soon learn the true craftsmanship of the knife with use. Even if the price is cheap, you are still wasting money buying a knife that won't end up working correctly, and you could be putting yourself in danger if the knife breaks during use.

The Quality Doesn't Feel Valuable or The Weight or Size of the Knife Feels Off

Counterfeit knives are usually built with cheaper materials. If a wood inlay is loose, it is cheaply adhered. If the metal is tarnished but the blade was supposed to be made of stainless steel, it is a fake.

Popular knife brands follow strict weight, dimension, and design standards. While the knife may appear genuine at first glance, with a closer look you can normally point out differentiation in the structure or quality of materials used. Even if you find knives that look indistinguishable from the true product, they may not have the right materials listed to match what the product should be made of. Before purchasing a knife, always look up the manufacturer specifications online and compare it to what is in front of you. Even things as small as different screw heads can unveil a counterfeit. If it is off at all, the knife is a forgery. Also, keep in mind if you are buying a knife that is a well-known American brand, it should always have 'USA' or 'Made in USA' inscribed on the knife. If this inscription is missing, the knife is an imitation.

The Vendor is Not Well-Known or Seems Too Good to be True

Purchasing knives of any sort from eBay or Amazon is always a gamble. While sellers may have raving reviews, you never know if the product is true to its description, and returns are never guaranteed. Some commonly used sites to avoid are Alibaba and other online vendors from China commonly found on eBay. Products from these sites are nearly always counterfeit. Before buying from a site like these, look on the knife brand's website. Most quality brands have all of their certified vendors listed so you will know if it is a true, confirmed source. When you purchase second hand from a site that is not listed on the brand's website, you will not be able to authenticate your product.

If you are planning to buy your knife online, visit a reputable site like ours. We offer free shipping on orders over $150, and your satisfaction is guaranteed every time. We have our contact information clearly listed, along with our pictures and policies.

These three tips will set you on your way to only investing in the highest quality knives. When you shop with us, we can provide you with answers to questions about knife materials, workmanship, and quality, and we can even customize your purchase.