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Jim Crowell M.S.

Jim Crowell, MS

"Crowell Knives have the immediate beauty of a fleeting shooting star on a clear dark night."

Jim Crowell has long been one of the original Arkansas master blade smiths. Many collectors around the world treasure Crowell knives as works of art and beauty. Crowell's knives will cut and perform unlike any other I have ever seen.

Mr. Crowell has earned many awards including the coveted "Bill Moran Award" in 1988 and "Best Hand Forged Knife" by Blade Magazine in 1990. Jim has also won the American Bladesmith Society "World Championship Cutting Competition" with his bowie knives.

Crowell knives have appeared in over 20 magazines and books about knives. Proud owners of Crowell knives include the King of Sweden, a member of the Kuwait Royal Family, Senator Dale Bumpers, and national celebrities like Paul Harvey. Crowell knives are marked with his distinctive shooting star symbol.

Why make knives? "I have always liked to work with my hands. Knifemaking is a worthy endeavor, it is something that everyone can appreciate. We all use knives every day."

What is important in a Crowell Knife? "To me craftsmanship, aesthetic and physical balance, and beauty are important. My knives must exhibit master quality characteristics and work well."

What is your knifemaking history? "A friend of mine had a knife which failed him. I thought I would make a new knife for him. It progressed from there. I began experimenting with the Damascus process in 1981 and have been a professional knifemaker for 15 years."