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Jerry Fisk, MS National Living Treasure

Jerry Fisk, MS

"Master Smith Jerry Fisk makes legendary knives which will be enjoyed for generations."

Fisk knives reflect the curves and shapes of nature and his passion for perfection. He reaches back into history and travels to foreign lands to study from the masters of ancient times and present. He constantly "field tests" his work in the rugged back country of Arkansas.

Recently, Jerry was honored as a National Living Treasure. While he diligantly makes knives, hummingbirds outside his shop window keep him company. Jerry Fisk has achieved many awards among the finest are: The "William F. Moran" Knife of the Year in 1990 & 1995, Beretta Award for Outstanding Achievement in Handcrafted Cutlery 1988, Best Damascus Knife 1990, Best Handmade Art Knife 1992, Governor's "Folk Life and Traditional Arts Award" 1997.

Why make knives? "It is something I have pursued since I was 10 years old."
What is important in a Fisk knife? "I work to get each knife right. I am still striving to make the one knife that will satisfy my ambitions."
What is your knifemaking history? "I got involved making knives when I was 10 years old. I strived to achieve the Master Smith honor and continue to learn."
Knifemaking as an Art? "Each knife can be a utilitarian or an art piece, it depends on the degree of finish and design. I make a knife that will last 300-400 years and be passed on from generation to generation."

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