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Frequently Asked Questions

When will you have a knife back in stock? Can you special order it for me?

Custom knifemakers and knife companies do NOT maintain "just-in-time" inventory. Most of the knife companies rotate from knife model to knife model based upon their capacity, which may leave a model out of stock for long periods of time. We do not have an accurate way to know when a knife will be back in stock BUT we do have a feature on our website called 'Request Notification' on items we hope to receive in the future. When an item is back in stock, our system will e-mail you to let you know about its availability. We do not accept special orders or pre-orders because of the uncertain and unpredictable nature of manufacturing schedules.

Why should I purchase from

We have been in business since 1998 and were one of the first online sellers of custom knives. Largest Selection Our knives are NEW directly from the knifemaker. We offer the largest selection of new custom knives and all of them are listed with photographs and full specifications. We keep our knives perfectly new, we do not display our knives at knife shows so as to prevent the knives from getting a traveled, worn and handled look. Our knives are also not handled at a store front nor are our knives sent back and forth to a photographger. Fastest Delivery Worldwide We stock all of our items we sell and ship 95% of all orders the same business day. We use FedEx shipping for guaranteed next day and two day delivery. You will be amazed how fast your item arrives. You can even call toll-free anytime to place an order. Satisfaction Guarantee We guarantee that you will be satisfied with your knife purchase. If you are not satisfied, then return the item within 7 days of delivery in its original condition and packaging and we will refund the purchase price with NO "RESTOCKING FEES". Competitive Pricing We strive to find and provide the finest knives available at the best possible price. We look for perfection in each knife we purchase. Our knives are NEW from the knifemaker. Complete customer satisfaction is always our top priority. We accept more forms of payment than any other site. Types of payment: Visa, Mastercard, Discover, Bank Checks, Money Orders, Paypal and wire transfers. Photography. Our in-house professional photographs can be enlarged to a full screen size. We do not outsource photography and pass the cost on to our customers.

Are your knives new?

Yes, all of our knives are purchased new directly from the knifemaker. We are proud of the fact that we purchase each knife we list from the artist knifemaker. We invest our time AND money in each knife we list at

I am new collector what do you recommend to me?

You have found the right place to start your collection. We recommend researching custom knives on our site, purchasing custom knife books and reading the knife magazines ('Blade', 'Knives Illustrated' & 'Tactical Knives') to explore different knives. We would love to help you make a selection from our website by phone, our phone number is 1-800-564-3327.

What do you recommend for International Shipping?

We HIGHLY recommend that international customers, sign-up for professional Package Forwarding by Shipping methods that are offered by the service include: Express, Priority, Air Mail, FedEx and DHL. Their rates are extremely competitive and allow for full control of the shipment.

Do you offer a printed catalog?

Our catalog is completely online. Since many of the knives we sell are unique, a printed catalog is not practical.

Do I have to sign for a package upon delivery?

Items over $100 require a signature upon delivery. If the item is under $100 it does not require a signature upon delivery.

What kind of payment to you accept?

Visa, Mastercard, Discover, & JCB. We also accept Bank Checks, Money Orders, Wire transfers and Western Union. For more information please visit our policies page.

Do you accept trades or buy knives from personal collections?

We only buy and sell new knives purchased directly from the knifemakers.

Do you sharpen or repair knives?

These services are not provided by our company. We recommend that you research a custom knifemaker that would be interested in performing these services for you.

Do you offer a layaway or payment plan?

We require full payment before any knife is shipped.

Is the knife pictured online available for immediate shipment?

Normally, yes it is. We strive to update our website on a daily basis with our current inventory. Please feel free to give us a call or send us an e-mail if you would like to be completely sure a knife is in stock. We can ship the same business day your order is placed up until 5 p.m. central time.

What is a custom knife?

A custom knife is a term used to describe a handmade knife made by an individual knifemaker.

Can I use this knife? Is it functional?

All of the knives we sell can be used and are high quality functional cutting tools. Many people choose to reserve their custom knives for collectible or investment purposes.

Can I use this forged knife?

Carbon steel forged knives such as damascus, tool steels may rust or discolor when exposed to harsh elements if they are not properly protected and maintained. Knives with bluing require extra care. Some custom knives are made using stainless steel damascus. Stainless steel damascus is much more resistant to oxidation.

What is damascus steel?

Also called Pattern Welded Steel, is a combination of two or more steels forge-welded to create a unique pattern by a folding technique. After a damascus blade is finished, the surface of the damscus steel is treated with acid or blued to reveal the grain pattern of the steel layering process. Creating damascus steel has become its own form of cutlery art.

What is mosaic damascus?

Mosaic damascus is a complex form of damascus that is created in mosaic tiles and welded together. It is possible to create complex patterns and shapes with mosaic damsacus.

What is mokume?

Mokume (Mokume Gan) is an ancient metal working technique that originated from Japan. Mokume is a layering of mixed soft metals. The unique layering of the different metals creates a beautiful pattern. Mokume is similar to damascus steel but does not normally include steel in the composition.

Do you have a question that you would like added to the F.A.Q.?

Please feel free to contact us.