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Knife Accessories - Display Cases - Knife Beads

Knife care is as important as keeping yourself prepared. You want to do everything you can to optimize the life of your favorite knife and other precision gear, so we offer some of the best knife accessories to help keep your blades sharpened and fully secured. Knives, like any other precision gear, are best used when in the hands of those who know how to operate them. That’s why we offer some of the best knife cases to help keep your gear out of untrained hands.

Our collection of knife sheaths and cases includes padded carriers, wooden display boxes, multi-knife carrying cases and sheaths that attach to your belt or backpack with compartments made specifically for other tactical gear. We also offer high-quality knife lanyards to help you easily draw your gear from any pocket or sheath. If you’d like to keep your blade sharpened to perfection at all times, browse our selection of sharpening stones made of rare Arkansas stone with innovative features that can polish and sharpen your favorite blades. A tri-stone sharpening system with course, medium and fine surfaces lets you determine just how sharp you’d like your blade to be. We also offer knife sharpening kits and honing oil to help keep your collection in pristine condition.

An ideal gift for the knife enthusiast, our accessory inventory also includes knife books made especially for collectors and aficionados. These books will help you evaluate the worth your collection, learn about modern knife-making and celebrate some of the most rare knives in existence. We also offer other knife care essentials like oil cloths, fluorinated grease and gear care kits that include everything you need to keep your tools in prime condition. At Knife Art, you’re sure to find all the best knives on the market as well as all the products needed to keep them in top shape.

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