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Why is the Wait so Long for a High-End or Custom Knife?

Why is the Wait so Long for a High-End or Custom Knife?

In your search for the perfect knife, you might see a brilliant knife that you want immediately. But as you know from the knife industry and other knife enthusiasts, you could be waiting months or years for that special knife to become available. Why is the wait so long for a high-end or custom-made knife?

Output - Material Availability - Demand

The reasons for a wait really comes down to the knifemaker's output, availability of materials, and the popularity or demand of the knife model.

The way a knifemaker or knife company runs their workshop plays a role in how long it takes a knife to be made. Many companies only make one model at any given time, which means long wait lines for those who want a particular model.

In addition, the materials and machinery used to make the knives themselves can also add time to the wait. Access to machines or their downtime play a role, and top-grade materials, such as aerospace grade titanium, specialty steels, and high-tech carbon fiber, take a while to source which means a wait for these materials to come into supply. Then, considering the time it takes to craft and make a particular blade, its shape, or variations to it, adds to the wait.

Therefore, delivery dates can and will be pushed back at any given moment, and are usually not a hard date in the knife industry. With the high demand and low supply for one knife, you can expect a wait for many knives. We work daily to keep and re-stock hard-to-get items for our customers.

Get Notified

That said, many websites (like will let you know when an item becomes back in stock with an email notification feature. Here at, we stock hundreds of knives, paired with a generous return policy in case you are unsatisfied. While we do not accept special orders/pre-orders or deposits, we can let you know when a knife is available via our "Request Notification" options, which sends you an email as a knife comes into stock. In addition, you should watch our "New Knives" page for in-stock knives. We strongly advise against placing a monetary "deposit" to "secure" a knife of any kind from any site, company or maker.

Don't Wait -

So if you want to purchase a knife, here's our tip: don't wait even an extra five minutes to make your purchase. There are many others coveting the same model, watching our website and waiting for it to become available, so you don't want to fall behind the pack. Keep an eye on the knife you want, and buy it as soon as it is available, as quickly and practical. With our return policy, you can change your mind in case your knife doesn't meet your standards.

To learn more about high-end, custom or limited edition knives, or get notifications when particular knives are in stock, contact us.