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Roger Bergh

Roger Bergh

Roger is an incredible Swedish bladesmith with special tallents in damascus, carving and artistic design. His knives are heavily influenced by nature and have an organic handcrafted feel.

Roger's love for knifemaking grew out an interest in "the lappish tradition, and the culture of the scandinavian 'natives'". This interest allowed him to get intouch with their style of knifemaking. At the time he was a rural dairy farmer. He made knives for many of his hunting neighbors and friends in the north of Sweden.

A desire to make more artistic work grew and he "decided to start forging myself." With the technical guidance of Conny Persson and other knifemakers, his workmanship and artistic expression bloomed. He told me that after learning more about damascus and bladesmithing, "I was really going wild, with the ability to make all these different knives that Ive had in my mind for so long." Now a full time maker, he is considered as one of the top knifemakers in Sweden and the world.

His handforged damascus is among the finest available. He uses some of the finest handle materials available he "loves all these ancient materials, like fossil bones, fossil ivory and especially artifacts from the northern hemisphere." He mentioned that it is "really challenging to make something out of this precious material without violating it's heritage."

I hope you love his knives as much as I do. - Larry Connelley