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Steve Ryan Custom Knives

Steve Ryan

"Known for his radical designs, Steve Ryan has a hard core group of collectors. His custom knives are extremely limited and command high prices." - Larry Connelley

Steve Ryan sold his first knife in 1985 after years of hobiest knifemaking. Several years later, he was discovered by Cameron Hopkins the former editor of American Handgunner Magazine. After a stellar review in American Handgunnere, his popularity was ignited. Ryan admits that the exposure turned his hobby into a full-time job. He currently works with the design team at SureFire Lights and is the director of their Edged Weapon Division. Recently he has designed several production collaborations with some of the top knife companies in the world.

Ryan expains his four point knifemaking philosophy;

Strong - "my knives should not break with used or abused
Sharp - "the knife should be sharp enough to cut the intended target"
Mission Specific - the knife should be designed for the task at hand, "if the application calls for a 'weird' shape, so be it."
Ergomonics - "the tool must feel proper in the hand"

The inspiration behind Ryan's design is in curves, textures and placing "metal where it needs to be". The grinds are unique and push the traditional limits of custom knifemaking. Ryan knives are easily identified with the biohazard logo and his trademark look.