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Strider SNG vs SMF - A Comparison Article

By | 10/2016

With the introduction of the SNG and SMF model knives, the knife manufacturing experts at Strider illustrated their commitment to designing folding knives that possess the same degree of strength and stability as fixed blade knives. Below is a look at the Strider SNG and SMF model knives, including their specifications, wide range of configurations, and the features that make each model unique.

About Strider Knives

Founded in 1997, Strider Knives is located in Escondido, California. After initially specializing in the sale of fixed blade knives, Strider focused their efforts on manufacturing folding blade knives like the SNG and SMF which are as robust and sturdy as fixed blade knives. Strider’s success in the knife industry led the company to become a trusted source of knives for the U.S. Military. The leaders at Strider have a military background themselves and are committed to provide military personnel and consumers across the globe with the highest quality of product and service.

Key Similarities Between the Strider SNG and the SMF

There is a host of similarities between Strider’s SNG and SMF model knives. In general, similarities related to the choice of materials used in the manufacturing process. Key similarities between the two models are as follows:

  • Country of manufacture: Both knives are made in the USA
  • Construction: Very rigid with little blade play
  • Knife frame: Both knives have a G10 and titanium frame
  • Hardware: The hardware is the same on both models

Key Differences Between the Strider SNG and the SMF

It is the differences between these two knives that justify the need for both models. Below is a look at the key differences between the Strider SNG and the SMF:

  • Overall length: The SMF is larger with a total length of 9” versus 8.25” for the SNG
  • Blade length: The SMF has a 4 inch blade length versus the SNG’s 3.5 inch blade
  • Blade thickness: The blade on the SMF is 3/16 inch larger than the SNG
  • Cutting edge: The cutting edge on the SNG is 2.8” and the SMF is ¼ inch longer
  • Weight: The SMF is slightly heavier than the SNG (6.10 ounces versus 4.85 ounces)

Custom Configurations for the SNG and SMF

The SNG and SMF knives are each available in a variety of different configurations. Each knife is customized according to the type of steel, blade style, handle and finish desired by the customer. Below is a look at these key elements and how they can be customized:

1) Handle Styles

  • Standard handle that has a natural texture (this style is also called a lego handle)
  • Gunner grip handle that contains a texture to that on a handgun
  • Concealed carry handle, which is smooth and contoured
  • Handles are typically available in several colors, including black, tan and hunter green

2) Type of Steel

  • CPM S30V: A high-performance steel that is easy to grind and highly resistant to corrosion
  • PSF27: This type of steel is easy to work with and is manufactured by a procedure known as spray forming
  • CTS-40CP: Designed to optimize hardness, this type of steel is a powder metallurgy
  • S30V: This type of steel is tough and popular among knife manufacturers because of its resistance to abrasion

3) Blade Style

  • Spear-Point: This style is easy to sharpen and is the most common
  • Tanto-Point: The Tanto-point is designed to withstand regular abuse

4) Blade Finish

  • Tiger Stripe
  • Ghost Stripe
  • Stone-washed
  • Black oxide
  • Bead blasted finishes

What Makes the Strider SNG Distinct from the Competition

Most knives in the market are manufactured with a back spacer that is a separate piece. In contrast to most models, the Strider SNG uses a chain ring bolt construction and washers to integrate the back spacer into the knife. This unique incorporation of the back spacer into the handle scale combined with a variety of custom finishes captures the attention of knife buyers seeking a distinct look.

How the Strider SMF’s Military Heritage Makes it Unique

The Strider SMF was originally designed for use by military personnel who required a dependable, rugged folding knife. With its 100% titanium frame lock, the standard SMF offers a more dependable lock up than many knives with fixed blades. There is also a National Stock Number (NSN) version of the Strider SMF that is manufactured exclusively for members of the U.S. military. The NSN version is not readily available to the public though used Strider NSN knives are available in used condition online from time to time. Below are the specifications that make the Strider SMF NSN knife unique:

  • Overall length: 9”
  • Blade length: 4”
  • Closed length: 5 1/8”
  • Weight: 6 ounces
  • Handle: Combination of G-10 and Titanium
  • Blade Construction: CPM S35VN Steel
  • Each NSN knife is engraved with the date of the marine unit’s activation

Choosing Between the Strider SNG and the SMF: A Comparison of General Uses

At first glance, the differences between the SNG and the SMF are not readily noticeable. But personal handling and a closer look at these two models highlights some suggested uses for each model. Below is a summary of some of the general uses for the SNG:

  • The SNG is a great option for handlers who prefer a lighter weight knife that carries well
  • The slightly smaller size of the SNG make it a better utility knife than the SMF
  • The plentiful jimping found on the SNG makes it a good choice for tactical uses
  • While the SNG is a versatile knife, it is not a comfortable choice for sustained cutting
  • Users who prefer a thin blade but large finger choil will appreciate the SNG

Like the SNG, the SMF has a specific collection of features that make it more popular for certain uses. Below is a look at how some of the key features of the SMF make it a good option for certain people and professions:

  • The larger size and rugged construction of the SMF support its continued use by the U.S. military
  • The SMF is a great choice if you need a knife that shoots open quickly
  • Consider the SMF if you seek a knife with a good extended reach
  • Individuals with larger hands sometimes prefer the slightly larger size of the SMF
  • The SMF is a popular choice for people participating in survival activities

Enlisting Professional Guidance to Finalize Your Decision

We invite you contact us to learn more about the similarities and differences between the Strider SNG and the Snider SMF. Our team of professionals has the expertise to evaluate your specific needs and guide you in your selection of a knife. We look forward to hearing from you!