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Comparison: Benchmade 940 vs. 940-1 vs. 940-2


Benchmade knives provide premium American-made functionality to any practical knife buyer and one of their most popular models is the 940. The 940 series has achieved iconic status in the EDC knife community. Designed by custom maker Warren Osborne, Benchmade offers several models to choose from.

Three 940 variations include the 940, 940-1, and the 940-2. As you shop for a knife that best meets your needs, these models share similarities: a reverse tanto-style blade and AXIS lock make it friendly for both the right and left-handed. The three models also share the same overall design, while the key differences are the handle material and blade steel.

Benchmade 940

The 940 remains an invaluable bestseller, equipped with a sturdy aluminum handle and green hard anodized coloring. This model has a fully machined aerospace grade aluminum alloy handle with a matte texture. The 940 has a blade of American Made CPM S30V steel. The S30V steel provides versatility in a variety of situations. It is a balanced stainless steel with good edge retention, hardness and toughness. The blade on the 940 has a RC hardness between 58 and 60. Among the 3 models discussed, the Benchmade 940 weighs the most at 2.9 oz because of the all metal handle. That being said, the 2.9 oz is lightweight carry compared to other pocket knives.

Benchmade 940-1

The key features of the 940-1 are the carbon fiber handle and the American Made S90V blade steel. The carbon fiber provides the user with a non-metal handle and the distinct weave pattern of carbon fiber. Don't be fooled by carbon fiber, it it extremely rigid, strong and lightweight. The 940-1 is lighter than the 940, making it a more portable model that performs excellently, thanks to its CPM S90V blade. The S90V is heat treated to 59-61, a higher hardness than the S30V of the 940. The S90V steel is well known for it's outstanding edge retention packing more vanadium into its alloy, producing lots of durable carbides at the blade edge. The 940-1 is the most expensive of the current series but we think the improved materials and performance is well worth the extra cost.

Benchmade 940-2

The 940-2, at 2.6 oz., provides a satisfying medium between the other models and embodies elegant strength in its fiberglass reinforced black G-10 handle. The handle is similarly durable and lightweight to the carbon fiber but doesn't come with the higher price tag. Like the 940, the 940-2 boasts a blade of multipurpose S30V that is heat-treated to 58-60 (RC), offering years of utility.

Know that regardless of the 940 model you select, a Benchmade knife proves itself as a worthwhile investment in your everyday carry gear.