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Benchmade Axis Lock Pocket Knives

When you open a folding knife, you need to be confident it won't accidentally close in the middle of a task. Benchmade Axis Lock folders use a patented mechanism that makes pocket knives safer and more reliable. A spring-loaded bar spans the liners and keeps the blade engaged at full tang until you manually pull back on the bar's thumb studs to close it. This prevents the blade from accidentally closing in the middle of a task. The mechanism can be used equally well by righties and lefties. Our resource guide has more about how the Axis knife lock mechanism works and also includes a video demonstration.

Benchmade's two most popular folding knife models are both available with Axis Lock technology. The Benchmade 940 Series Osborne Axis Lock knife is a hard-working EDC blade with a simple design while the Benchmade 551 Griptilian Axis Lock knife adds some aesthetic flair to the tough construction. You can also take advantage of its security in knives such as the 531 Pardue and 808 Loco. These high-quality folding knives use premium blade steels and typically have a G-10 composite handle that's lightweight but strong. Each one is made in the U.S. with a limited lifetime warranty