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Benchmade Pens for sale

We are a Benchmade Pens Authorized Dealer. When you think of Benchmade, the first thing that comes to mind are the high quality knives that they produce. But did you also know that they are staking their claim in the tactical pen market? That's right! Benchmade Tactical pens are here!

Many newcomers or people who may not be familiar with tactical pens often wonder what a tactical pen is. A tactical pen is a pen that is made for environmental use and can even be used for defensive purposes. They are pens crafted with durable enough material to fit any of your needs. Mostly, they are used for writing, however in a sticky situation you can deal some serious damage with a tactical pen.

Now, onto the Benchmade pens! The first couple the their line-up are the Benchmade 1100-2 Tactical pen and Benchmade 1150-2 Tactical pen. These pens features an aluminum body and hard anodized with dark gray charcoal. The 1100-2 pen is a little thicker than the 1150, but still handles well thanks to the machined grooves in the pen that help with grip. Each pen comes with a cap and a fluted impact point.

The next in the 1100 series is the 1100-14. This pen is crafted with damascus steel from Damasteel of Sweden. This pen comes with a cap and a clip made of stainless steel. The impact point is a little bit bigger than the others in the 1100 series. If you are looking for something unique, this pen is for you.

And last but not least is the Benchmade 1100-16 Tactical pen. This pen is for someone who needs a pen that can take as much abuse as needed. This pen is made with Titanium and is incredibly durable and strong. Just like the others in the 1100 series, it features a fluted impact point, and cap with a clip.

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