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Chris Reeve Knives Blade Shapes: Drop Point, Insingo & Tanto

By | 2017

Chris Reeve knives are an iconic brand that got its start in a garage in South Africa back in 1984 and has become a brand that many knife collectors are familiar with. While the road to success was wrought with hardships and hard work, it was the 1991 introduction of the Sebenza that really rocketed the brand into the success it is today. The Sebenza is a highly sought after knife that really showcases the stellar craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Chris Reeve has a variety of knives blade shapes and here are three of the popular ones and what you need to know about Chris Reeve knives blade shapes: Drop Point, Insingo, and Tanto. Each blade shape has a variety of specifications and advantages that you should know about before you make a decision when choosing the Sebenza.

Drop Point Blade Shape

Known as the CRK's standard blade shape, the Drop Point shape is one that is extremely popular due to its multipurpose ability and traditional style. The unsharpened back edge of the knife has a slow, curved shape that runs straight from the handle to the tip - this creates a slightly lowered point. What this lowered point does is makes the tip stronger and gives the user more control.

It is also a popular knife blade shape for hunters because it is easily controlled, making it easier to keep from nicking internal organs which would ruin the game meat. The other reason is its expansive "belly" which is ideal for slicing.

The advantages are many with a few disadvantages like having a broad tip which is not the best thing for tasks that require piercing. A clip point (Bowie Style) is going to have a sharper point but on the plus side, you do still have the better control with the Drop Point blade shape.

Drop Point Blade Shape on the Professional Soldier Knife ( Image)

Insingo Blade Shape

The Insingo blade shape is our favorite blade shape in the CRK line and a favorite of many who love not only how it looks but also how it performs. It was developed by Chris Reeve and Rodney Connelley and has a curving edge that is ideal for slicing but it also has a more wide angle at the tip which gives it more strength.

One thing that people seem to notice is how unique this blade looks. It is also one that is great for food prep and works well for chopping and slicing due to its shape and angle. Stropping is better because it seems to hone well and for piercing, the swedge is perfect.

As far as disadvantages, some do not like that the belly is quite shallow and it has a very low point which might be a little restrictive for some needs. However, the tip is very strong which gives you a lot of leverage and many find the shape extremely comfortable to use. It is interesting to note that the word Insignio means razor and this description fits perfectly with this knife blade shape.

Insingo Blade Shape on the Professional Soldier Knife ( Image)

Tanto Blade Shape

The Tanto blade shape has a reinforced tip. This makes it ideal for heavier tasks and piercing. Since it does not have a continuous curve, it is not one that makes it the first choice for all-purpose slicing but what it does do is give the handler the ability for excellent perpendicular push cuts and piercing.

While this may not be the first choice for multipurpose use, not everyone wants a knife that does it all but instead, a knife that does one thing the best way possible and if you want one that pierces like no other, the Tanto blade shape is what you are looking for.

This is a knife blade shape that has a flat grind with a high point and all of this leads to a formidable strong point which is what makes it ideal for using on hard materials that need something that stabs well. The Tanto also has something a little different - an excess of metal close to the tip that allows it to take impact better and not break as easily as other types of knife blade shapes.

Unlike some of the other blade shapes, there is no belly on this one. This is because the front edge does not meet the unsharpened back edge at a curve but rather an angle. However, the tip is stronger and while it is not the best choice as a utility knife, it is great for piercing, as mentioned.

The advantages are the piercing ability and the very strong point while the disadvantages are that the point is hard to control and that the lack of "belly" makes it not a good choice for slicing.

Tanto Blade Shape on the Professional Soldier Knife ( Image)

When it comes to knife blade shapes, people may differ on which is right for them and this all depends on what you plan to mainly use the knife for. Any of these shapes are good for certain scenarios and all have what some might consider a disadvantage. However, no matter which one you choose you will find that the Chris Reeve knifes are of stellar quality and will be a knife that really stands out as part of a collection or as a knife you use for specific tasks.